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Touring the Magnificent Nepal with a Rental Car

Nepal, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a sovereign state in South Asia. It is a landlocked country and the world’s 93rd largest country with regard to land mass. It borders the People’s Republic of China on the north and the Republic of India on the east, south and west. Its capital city is known as Kathmandu.

How do I travel around Nepal?
By Public Transport

Nepal boasts of plenty of public transport means; therefore, touring the country is going to be an effortless task. There are travel options that include buses, trains, cars, taxis, motorcycles and even bicycles. You are going to select your travel means according to your tastes and preferences.

By Car Rental

If you are a tourist seeking a quiet tour of the country, it is advisable that you get in touch with one of the plenty car rental companies offering cheap car hire services. Getting around the country is fun, because there are plenty of attractive sights to spend your time at. If you rent a car, you will be able to spend as much time as you wish at any destination that appeals to you.

What about Currency and official language?

The state currency of the country is known as the Nepalese Rupee, while the official language is known as Nepali.  If you would like to rent a car at the airport, it is advisable you have a few rupees with you. Learning a few words and phrases is essential if you would like to venture deeper in to Nepal, where you might be required to interact with some of the natives.

What about accommodation?

Nepal has plenty of accommodation facilities for all tourists irrespective of the budget they have. There are luxury accommodation facilities as well as standard hotels, and you are going to make your choice according to your tastes and preferences. Some top hotels include;

Hotel Himalaya

It is the best site for that tourist who loves mountain viewing. It lies 8 km from the international airport. If you have rent a car, do not worry about parking because the facility has ample of parking space. It is a facility certain to give you world class luxury.

The Shanker Hotel

The Shanker hotel is a marvelous destination. It is constructed using French architecture, and you are going to find international cuisine along with Eastern hospitality. Again, it was a palace, and it was converted into a hotel in the year 1964.

Grand hotel Kathmandu

It is a 4-star facility that is located strategically in the heart of the capital. If you would like to enjoy the active nightlife of the city, this is the perfect hotel for you.

What can I see in Nepal as a tourist?

Nepal is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country. It boasts of a diverse landscape that ranges from the mountainous Himalayas lying in the north to its humid Terai plains. The country has a very strong Buddhist tradition, and you can catch one of the plenty Buddhist festivals. Indulge in activities like mountaineering, trekking, biking among many others.

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