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The Best of Monaco by Car Rental

If you are a Formula one fan, then you know that an F1 package can take you to various luxurious and beautiful destinations not only in Europe, but in the world in general. One of these beautiful and luxurious destinations is the magnificent city of Monte Carlo in Monaco. Monte Carlo has gained a reputation as the ‘pit of luxury’ and is the main place where all the rich and famous people go for a luxurious escape. The French Riviera is a sought after destination because of its world class restaurants; which are usually booked solid throughout the year. If you are lucky you might even get to brush shoulders with royalty or celebrities.

What do you expect in Monaco?

Monte Carlo is truly a world class destination with several attractions and destinations; the main things this city is known for are its F1 racing circuit and the famous Monte Carlo casino. Contrary to what several people think, F1 packages are not that costly; and if you cannot afford the accommodation in Monaco, then you can consider getting accommodation in the neighbouring city of Nice while at the same time enjoying the grand prix in Monaco. This city has hosted the F1 racing circuit since 1929 which is considered to be the most prestigious and important automobile races in the world.

The good thing about an F1 package is the fact that it is a package; the burden of planning every aspect of your holiday will be liberated from you because everything will be inclusive in the package. The F1 package usually includes flights, accommodation tickets and transfers. So you will be able to enjoy the iconic tracks, cutting edge fast cars, the most amazing drivers in the world and races completely stress free. If you are an F1 fan, then an F1 package is the perfect get away for you. This package will also give you an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful city first hand on the same trip.

Car Hire and Public Transport in Monaco

As mentioned above, Monaco is a city of glitz and glamour so the best way to get around is by hiring a car although there are other means of transport in Monaco such as bus and train. The public transportation network is not that diverse so if you restrict yourself to the use of public transportation, then you will be greatly limiting yourself to various attractions cites. The Best way to ensure that you have a means of transport for your requirements; you need to get in touch with car rental agency upon your arrival. Or better still, you can hire a car in advance through the numerous websites and you can get cheap car hire services from comparing rates.

What are the other attractions?

Apart from the annual grand prix other attractions include the JardinExotique which is the world’s most wondrous botanic garden and offers the view of very fascinating plants and other spectacular views. You can also pass time by taking a stroll along the Saint Martin coastal avenue which has a fabulous garden and cliff side. Lastly, you can admire sea life at the Oceanographic museum and aquarium. Car hire is undoubtedly the best way to explore Monaco.

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