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Travel around Moldova and Get to Explore It by Car Hire

If you have decided to visit Moldova, then there is nothing to worry about since his great country offers a lot more than you can imagine. This country focuses more on tourism. Moldova offers great attractions such as the huge watermelons and pastoral lands in its vineyards.

What do I need in order to enter Moldova?

To enter this country you do not need any visas if your stay does not exceed 90 days. The Moldovan Embassy situated in London gives out visas when needed. The visa given to you by the Moldovan embassy must be valid for the period of your stay. Remember the authorities in Moldova are implementing penalties for tourists who stay longer than their visas indicate.

What is the climate like in Moldova?

This country is situated in an area where the climate is temperate continental and within its vicinity being the Black Sea. Normally, the summers in this country are warm and very long, with their temperatures ranging between 20°C and 25°C. However, the temperatures can at times go up to 40°C on great waves. On the other hand, winters in this country are normally very cold and dry as well. The temperatures during the day are between -4°C and -7°C.

What are the restaurants in Moldova?

There are quite a number of restaurants in this country.

  • Symposium-the Symposium restaurant is one of the best in this country. You can get Moldovan as well as Romanian food in this restaurant. You can try the dishes in this restaurant and have a great experience.
  • Berlin-this is a well known restaurant in Moldova. It offers real Romanian dishes and it also offers Schnitzel.
  • Doi haiduci-this restaurant is well known for its Romanian cuisine. It offers local foods, idealistic dinner and also great outdoor seating.
  • Green Hills Restaurant-this restaurant offers the best local dishes and it is normally an inexpensive.

Public Transport and Car Rental in Moldova

There are various means of transport in this country. You can travel around this great country by bus, by train, by taxi or simply by car rental. Car rental gives you the chance to explore the different places in this country at your own convenience. You can get car rental services on arrival to this country at the airport or you can get the cars from different car rental companies across Moldova. You can also compare different car rental rates from different car hire companies if you book in advance. It is also possible to get cheap car hire services.

What are the best hotels in Moldova?

  • Weekend Boutique Hotel

    -this hotel is situated in Chisinau, just near the shopping MallDova. It such a spectacular site and you will love the appearance of the entire place.
  • Maxim Pasha Hotel

    -this is a five star hotel that has a special structural design that unites the standard  elements together with new and current trends in design.
  • Nobil Luxury boutique Hotel

    -this is also a five star hotel that contains two beautiful restaurants, twenty seven rooms, fitness center, a  great beauty salon and a nice cigars club

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