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Memorable Tours around Iran

Iran in Persian refers to “Land of the Aryans”. The country has been the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1935. With a population of 75 million people, it is among the top 20 largest countries of the world. Iran is strategically placed to cover three regions of the Asian continent. It is in the Western Central and Southern parts. The country borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Its capital city is Tehran which is significant for political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities.

Ecotourism in Iran

Iran’s geography features a massive mountainous region, a plateau, coastal region and the Khuzestan region. The ranges separate the basins and include the mountains of Caucasus, Zagros, and Alborz. If you want to enjoy unique picturesque views of the forest landscape, you need to visit north Iran. Here, you will encounter the dense rainforests of Shomal. This is the jungle part of Iran and it has interesting plants, and animal species. Get glimpses of the second oldest tree in the world featuring the 4000 year old Cypress of Arbaqu.

For a unique desert expedition, tour the eastern parts and north central Iran. These have desert basins like the Dasht-e lut. The area hosts salt lakes with amazing views and adventure sights. The coastal plain featuring the Gulf of Oman is a perfect destination for summer tours. Generally, the country has a wildlife variety of gazelles, wild pigs, buffalos, camels, panthers, jackals and various birds. In Iran, you find the native falcon, partridge, eagles and stork birds. Find a host of endangered species like the; Asiatic cheetah, Persian leopard and other wild cats.


A tour to the cities

Its cities also have amazing shopping malls for Persian rugs, cutlery, foods, jewelry and household items. Some of the major cities for you to visit include; the capital Tehran, Marshdad, Isfahan, Karaj, and Tabriz. The city has amazing entertainment spots like the Tehran City Theater auditorium which is the largest in West Asia. The country also has traditional celebrations for modern tourists. Experience the Iranian New year celebrated in March.

Historical attractions

When you mention the Medes of Iran, Archaemenid and Hellenic empires, you think of Iran. These are crucial in the pre Islamic periods as they occurred before the Muslim conquest. Learn about the Roman Persian wars, the Islamic invasion of the 7th century and the Persian culture as a tourist in Iran. If you are keen on modern history, you will have a firsthand experience in the land of the Islamic Revolution featuring Ayatollah Khomeini. It also has details of the 1980s Iraq-Iran wars.

Car hire and Public Transport in Iran

Iran is the seventh in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the land of early civilizations. It has over 17 major archeological architectural ruins and attraction. These depict the antiquity lifestyle in Iranian art. To find the exclusive Naqsh-eJahan Square, find a reliable car rental or taxi. Iran has modern transport means to connect you to the top sites. While at it, hire a car to the Iran provinces for a taste of Iranian flavors. The country has scrumptious cuisine varieties of culinary traditions. Among these are rice and meat dishes, vegetables, nuts and spices. Enjoy herbs and dried fruits the Iranian way.

There you have it; a snapshot of Iran. You would, however, need to visit this great country to experience the wonders first hand. You can do so in the comfort of a car for hire. If you are on a budget, you could opt for cheap car hire but would then have to pick the kind of car for hire that matches your budget.

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