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Honduras Eco and Cultural Tourism

The Honduras Republic in Central America is one of the great tourist destinations in the Latin America. Tours to its cities, galleries, national parks, islands, and mountain peaks are nothing short of amazing.  Bordering Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, it links with the Pacific and Caribbean Sea via the Gulf of Fonseca and the Gulf of Honduras respectively. It has a rich Maya culture and a great Spanish influence.

Public Transport in Honduras

Quality transport facilities are available within its large cities. Honduras has 112 airports, seven ports and harbors, a reliable road and rail network.  

Car Rental in Honduras

If you are a first time visitor, you can take a taxi or use the cheap car hire services to your destination. You will find the cars at airports and within the ports. You could also use buses or train depending on your needs and preference. However, car hire is by far the most convenient mode of transport in Honduras.

Pre-Colombian cultural sites

All over the country, you will spot symbols of the Honduran Mayan civilization reminiscent of its pre-Colombian era. Among the great sites is the Mayan Stelae at Copán. The country also has numerous archeological sites proving the existence of other pre-Columbian cultures in the Honduras.

Explore the mountainous Honduras

The country has a tropical climate within its low lands and mountains. Honduras has a largely mountainous topography with narrow plains along its coast. Its lowlands are a jungle. Many visitors make use of vehicles that can withstand the rough terrain from car rental agencies. The mountainous Island of Roatan has amazing coral reefs and beaches for divers and coastal tourists. You will find exclusive hotels along beautiful beaches with palms for your romantic getaway.

Honduras Rain Forest

The Honduran Rainforest has a biodiversity featuring unique plants and animal varieties. With over 6000 species of vascular plants, you can be sure to enjoy nature tours in the Honduran parks, and reserves. Among the plant varieties there are over 630 species of orchids. The forest is also home to hundreds of animal species not to mention its 700 bird species. It is a perfect destination for eco-tourists looking for an encounter with the wilderness.

The Honduran Rain forest has numerous cloud covers from its tall trees. Expeditions across the forest using car hire provide excellent scenic views of the forest landscape. You cannot miss the lowland rainforest reserve in North Eastern Honduras. The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is a major attraction and it has UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ recognition.

 Cultural ceremonies

If you are travelling to Honduras during national and international celebrations, you will notice the pomp and color in the country. In Easter, you will marvel at the sawdust carpet’s display in the streets. Christmas, and New Year is a time for popular celebrations with family and friends. You will love the Honduran cuisine inclusive of tortillas, tamales and baleadas.

The country also features national holiday celebrations like the Independence Day in September. During this event, you get free entertainment from bands as you admire the costume varieties. The city also displays fireworks in the night and the vibrant night life is simply exceptional. Carnivals, milk fairs, and parades are popular with the Honduran community. Religious ceremonies describe the country’s culture and practices in their diversity. Enjoy a blend of Spanish Honduran music, dances and celebrations.

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