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As you prepare to visit Fiji...

Officially known as the Republic of Fiji, this Island nation is located in the South Pacific region. The neighboring countries of Fiji are the islands of New Caledonia to the South, Vanuatu, to the West, Tonga to the East, and Tuvalu to the North.  The island of Fiji is made up of 332 islands of which 110 are permanently inhabited.

This island was a British colony up to about the year 1970. In the preceding century, the Island had been occupied by British colonialists. Getting around this island nation for visitors is often by automobiles. There are a number of cheap car hire firms that operate within this island. The car rental market is one of the greatest beneficiaries of the booming Fiji tourism industry.

The island of Fiji in figures is presented below:

  • 849, 000: this is the official statistic of the human population.
  • 18, 274 Square kilometers: the total land mass of the country.
  • 4. 2 Billion Dollars: the average GDP from the countries economic enterprise.
  • 679: the country’s calling code.
  • 87%: the population of the country that lives on the two main islands – Viti Levu and Vanu Levu.
  • 1970: the year the country attained independence from Britain.  It became a republic in the year 1987.

Facts about Fiji

  • The Fiji Island’s capital and largest city is Suva.
  • In Fiji, cars run on the left side of the road
  • The official currency is the Fijian dollar.
  • This island nation is divided into four political divisions –North, East, West, and South. Within these four divisions, you find the 14 provinces of Fiji.
  • The major source income in Fiji is tourism. The growth of the tourism sector in Fiji has seen tourists come from all corners of the world. This goes to show just how popular Fiji is as a tourist destination.
  • One of the beneficiaries of Fiji's tourism industry is the car hire business.

When in Fiji some of the activities that you may indulge in include scuba diving and viewing the coral reefs.  There are a number of budget resorts opening up within Fiji. This will boost the hotel industry in Fiji as it will be possible to offer quality affordable accommodation to tourists who come to sample some of the richest flora and fauna on earth.

The islands that are a must visit when in Fiji, whether it is for business or leisure, are the Nadi and Denaru islands. There are dozens of cheap car hire firms that essentially facilitate transport within these islands.

What do I need for a Car Rental?

Prior to hiring a car for transport purposes in Fiji, you will be required to have a valid international driving license besides your home country driving license. Similarly, you will need to have insurance for the duration of time that you are with the car rental. A credit card on the name of principle driver is also a requirement.

It is possible to rent a car if you have a third party insurance plan in place. Once you have all the requirements, you will be able to rent a car and explore Fiji's beauty to the maximum.

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