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Touring Congo

Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville or the republic of Congo is a Central African country bordered by Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Cabinda, an Angolan enclave. As a tourist, you need to understand that there are two countries in Africa with the word ‘Congo’ in their names;

  • Congo-Brazzaville/ Congo/ The republic of Congo
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Brazzaville is the capital city of the Republic of Congo, while the capital city of The Democratic Republic of the Congo is known as Kinshasa.

The country is infamous for being war torn. However, it does not mean that it does not make an excellent tourist destination. Additionally, it does not mean that you cannot rent a car and explore the marvelous tourist destinations the country offers, in comfort. There are a good number of cheap car hire service providers, who will provide you with outstanding car rental services.

If you choose to rent a car, it is advisable you stay clear from the east along with the north east parts of the country. Otherwise, all other parts of the country are safe for tourists. Apart from car rental, there are other transport means like buses, taxis and trains.

What documents do I need to enter Congo?

A visa should be obtained in advance for foreigners entering the country. You should also have an up-to-date vaccination certificate for yellow fever. It is recommended that the visa you hold has a minimum validity period of six months.

What language is used in the country?

Congo uses French as the official language. If you are not a French speaker, it pays to learn a bit of French, just in case you would like to interact with the natives. Additionally, if you would like to rent a car and travel on your own, you might find yourself in need of help particularly with regard to directions. Some other native languages like Kingwana, Tshiluba, Lingala and Kikongo are also spoken.

Can I use credit cards in Congo?

The official currency used in the country is known as the Congolese Franc, abbreviated as CDF. There is a very limited use of credit cards in the country, and the same applies to traveler’s checks. The country’s economy is highly unstable, and currency exchange rates fluctuate without warning.

When is the right time to tour Congo?

The country straddles the equator. Its climate is, therefore, hot and humid. The south of the equator experiences heavy rainfall between October and May, while the north side experiences the same from April to November.

What can I see in Congo?

The Republic of Congo boasts of a breathtaking landscape with plenty of swamps, virgin forests and waterfalls. There is a wide variety of wildlife in Congo too, with its coastal plain being dotted with lagoons. Visit the Marketplace, the Brazzaville Basilica, Congo River rapids along with Lefini Faunal Reserve. If you have time to spare, join the famous 21 day tour down River Congo.

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