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Get Around Colombia

Colombia is one of the world’s tourist destinations. It provides amazing sites for all tourists who want to explore this land. The country has great avenues for memorable adventures and activities. You will find interesting cultures of the indigenes groups, as well as historical ruins. It is the fourth largest economy in Latin America. Among its produce is coffee, flowers, emerald, coal and oil. In case you are planning a visit to Colombia, it is a good idea that you practice your basic Spanish well. Although it considers the English language a national language, Spanish is the official language. Colombia shares its physical features with neighboring countries namely Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and Brazil.

Diverse cultural heritage

The country has a diverse ethnicity featuring mixed races and native inhabitants. This diversity gives Colombia a rich cultural heritage. Colonial towns, festivals, and the seven UNESCO World heritage Sites are reasons for you to visit Colombia. Its cultural practices are influenced by Native American, and European backgrounds-especially the Spanish. You will also notice African American and Caribbean influences.

Religion, interesting cuisine varieties and language are part of this amazing culture.  If you wish to participate in some of Colombia’s best cultural festivals, inquire from the local communities. There is a great deal of dancing activities, festivals, carnivals and performances all the year round. For a quick tour to these memorable events, tourists opt for car hire services. This facilitates easy and convenient travel.

Varied ecosystem

Colombia has one of the most diverse ecosystems. It has a varied landscape of mountains, forests, tropical grassland and coastline. This is also depicted in the climatic zones featuring the treeless grassland zones, temperate lands, forested and snow zones. Its rivers drain into the Amazonian Basin, Pacific and Caribbean.

The Highlands

Most of the urban centers are within the Andes Mountains. This mountain range connects Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. It is part of the ring of Fire and volcanic eruptions are common. The country has 15 major volcanoes. To travel to most of these cities you need a reliable mode of transport. If you are operating on a tight budget, you need not worry since you can get c heap car hire services from the numerous car rental agencies. From the Andes surroundings you can easily locate the savanna and Orinoco River basin for greater views of Colombia’s features.  

The Amazonian Rainforests

The wide variety of the ecosystem in Colombia attracts tourists for sightseeing and other expeditions. This is a popular site in summer time as visitors seek the comfort of the cool forest environment. Its Amazon basin is home to the Amacayacu National park. In the Amazon, you will find half of the world’s animal and plant species. There are insects and fish varieties from its river basin too. Tourists visiting the region have the best resorts, hotels and motels from cities within; including Leticia.  

Caribbean and Pacific coastline

This is the only country in the continent bordering both the Pacific and Atlantic. From these, you will find the spectacular Caribbean and Pacific islands. For a memorable tour across the oceans, try the cruise ships at Cartagena and Santa Marta. You can hire a car from the mainland to the islands at cheap rates.

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