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Burkina Faso ; Amazing Sceneries In The Comfort Of A Car For Hire

This is a land locked country in the heavy cultural West Africa. It covers around 274,200 sq kilometers.  The population, which is relatively high for an area of its size, is 14 million. Its capital is called Ouagadougou.

Why visit Burkina Faso?

You should make a point to visit Burkina Faso mainly, because of the rich culture in the country.  It is awash with astonishing cultural sites and festivals. This country is voted as one of the safest and many consider it one of the friendliest countries. The country’s atmosphere is very relaxed as the people greatly apply the saying ‘no hurry in Africa’; not forgetting the variety of wildlife in the country.

While visiting…

There are areas you simply must see. These include the country’s beautiful deserts, the amazing rock formations in the south and the famed Gorom Gorom market. You must also attend the numerous cultural festivals that take place from time to time around the city.


Though Burkina Faso is poverty stricken, you would not believe the quality of the hotels there and other forms of accommodation. The service from the locals would make anyone feel like royalty. The local cuisine is a mixture of adventure and local culture.

How to get there

Most tourists go there by plane but other means are available such as the railways that cross from Ivory Coast all the way to the country’s capital city. The buses also transport people from one country to another without much hustle. The country is land locked hence it is impossible to travel by sea unless you connect by bus or train.

What you will need to access the country

The country’s officials require that you have a passport and a visa that you attained before the trip. Citizens of the European unnion are allowed to acquire a visa at the airport.

Internal transport

Burkina Faso has a well maintained internal transport system that consists of railways and roads. The trains are well equipped but the best way to travel is by road.

The buses will take you to a lot of places within the country but it is a lot better to use the car hire services offered in the area. This is because the car hire services are not under a time limit like the bus services. With car rental services you can go anywhere you feel like at any time you feel like. Through renting a car, you avoid the hustle of ferrying family members via public service vehicles because you have a car you can call you own as you tour the beautiful country.

Car hire in Burkina Faso

Car hire also allows you to visit the areas where the buses do not get to. This includes the national reserves and parks. To visit the parks, you should hire a 4 wheel drive. Also, during the festivals it will prove difficult to find transport as everyone will be looking to hire a car. Having your own car will allow you to avoid hustling for transport with the locals who have the upper hand.

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