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Explore More of Bahamas by hiring a car

The Bahamas is officially referred to as the Bahamas commonwealth and is made up of over 3000 islands, islets and cays. It is located to the north of Cuba in the Atlantic. The inhabitants of Bahamas are estimated to be at least 350,000 people. The capital of Bahamas is the city of Nassau.

Why should I visit the Bahamas?

If you are looking to spend your holiday in paradise, then you need to go to the Bahamas. Here, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to perfect beaches with pure waters coupled with amazing beach resorts, restaurants and hotels. There are numerous activities that the visitors can take part in.

How can I get to the Bahamas?

The main transport option to the Bahamas is by plane with Bahamasair being the main airline to the island. It is possible to get flights to the Bahamas from main parts of the world including most of Europe and North America. It is also possible to access the Bahamas by cruise ships from neighboring regions.

What transport options do I have while in Bahamas?

It is possible to get around the island by plane as there are a number of domestic flights offered by Bahamasair to various destinations. Choosing this mode of transport can be quite expensive and it deprives you the chance to enjoy scenic views on the ground.  

It is also possible to move around the capital and Freeport by bus, but there aren’t bus services on most islands, except the paradise island. When on other islands, you will have to rely on taxis for transportation. Taxis can however prove to be expensive in the long run.

Reasons to rent a car in Bahamas

The best and most reliable way to make sure you save a few notes and you get to explore the paradise of Bahamas is by car hire. When you rent a car, you are almost assured to cover most if not the whole of Bahamas.

It is possible to get car rental from the major airports as a lot of international car rental companies can be found in the airports. It is also possible to get local car hire on Freeport and Nassau. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money while on holiday, you do not have to worry as you can get cheap car hire services in Bahamas.

What is there to see in Bahamas?

It is without a doubt that the beaches in Bahamas are spectacular, but there are also other major attractions in Bahamas. You can go diving and enjoy a wide array of scrubs and you can also stumble on land crabs such as the Cardisoma and hermit on the beaches. You will also get to see the Abaco wild horses only in the Bahamas. You will come across numerous Bahamas wildlife that you will fall in love with during your holiday.

The major activities to indulge in while in the Bahamas are watersport activities. You can enjoy kiteboarding, deep sea fishing, waverunners, kayaking, you can enjoy wild dolphin’s expedition, and bonefishing. You can come across sharks as you enjoy scuba diving.     

The Bahamas has so much to offer on and off the beaches, be sure to rent a car to explore the most of this breathtaking island during your vacation.

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