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Anguilla Travel and Car Rental Information

Anguilla is an island located in the Caribbean. It comprises of the main island, Anguilla and some other small islands that do not have permanent residents. The capital of Anguilla is known as the valley and Anguilla has a population of at least 15 thousand inhabitants. Anguilla is famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. 

How do I get to Anguilla?

You can easily get to Anguilla by plane. There are quite a number of airlines that offer daily flights to the island and so getting one would not be a problem. It is also possible to get to Anguilla by boat from the neighboring islands of St Maarten and St Martin.

Where do I stay while in Anguilla? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to accommodation facilities in Anguilla. You can select from a wide range of hotels, guest houses, villas, apartments and guest houses all which vary in rates to cater for all budgets and classes.

Some of these accommodation faculties are Anguilla great house, rendezvous bay villas and hotels, Masara resort, Sirena hotel, Temenos villas, spyglass hill villa, Exclusivity and Coyaba manor among others.

What restaurants are there in Anguilla?

While in Anguilla, you will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous places to dine all over the island. You will also get the chance top indulge in fantastic, mouth watering cuisines and the rates will vary form one restaurant to the other. This means that you can enjoy a great meal in Anguilla for whatever budget you are on.

If you are on a rather tight budget you can eat at:

  • Uncle Ernie’s which is located on shoal bay beach
  •  Island harbor’s Smitty’s and Scilly cay
  • Tastys restaurant located in south hill
  • Roy’s located just above crocus bay
  • Sandy ground’s Pumphouse

If you do not mind spending, you can indulge in amazing food at:

  • Michael Rostant located at Malliouhana
  • The Blanchard’s
  • The Straw hat
  • Koal keel restaurant
  • West end’s caprice

These are just a few of the many restaurants you can dine in while touring Anguilla.

What is there to visit by car rental Anguilla?

Since it is an island, it is obvious that you will be treated to the best white sand beaches here in Anguilla. You will also enjoy the beautiful sea and palm trees without forgetting the amazing bays.

Outside the coastal areas, you can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving through the coral reefs. If you do not fancy these activities, you can still take a look by using a boat with a glass bottom.

If you are visiting Anguilla between April and November, you will not miss to spot the amazing green, leatherback as well as hawksbill turtles on the beaches in Anguilla. The best chances to spot these amazing creatures are meads, captains, Maundays, as well as limestone bay. Anguilla offers a lot of activities you can take part in.

What transport is best while in Anguilla?

Since there isn’t a public means of transport in Anguilla, the only option to tour this amazing island is by car rental. It is very possible to rent a car from the airport upon arrival or you can do so from the various car hire agencies all over Anguilla.

When you rent a car in Anguilla, you get the chance to tour Anguilla by day and enjoy the amazing night life without worrying about transportation. There are local car rental companies as well as international car hire agencies in Anguilla and it is very possible to get cheap car hire services.

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