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Come and Explore the British Virgin Islands

These are British overseas territory situated in the Caribbean and on the Eastern side of Puerto Rico. These islands receive so many visitors who come to marvel at its beauty. Without a doubt, they provide a great destination for vacation. The climate is actually favorable and in turn creates a conducive atmosphere for the visitors.

Why should I go to British Virgin Islands?

  • Weather-the weather here is great. The temperatures are quite high, but bearable throughout the year.
  • Diving- when in this overseas territory, you can take part in snorkeling and diving which are an experience of a lifetime.
  • Food- there are numerous restaurants that serve sumptuous traditional dishes.
  • Sandy beaches-at the British Virgin Islands, you relax at the sandy beaches which are just amazing. You can take a walk during sunset and let the sand tickle your toes while enjoying the nice breeze on the beach.

What do I need in order to enter British Virgin Islands?

If you are a British citizen, then visas are not required to enter the British Virgin Islands. However, if you are a citizen of certain countries, you will be required to produce a visa for you to be allowed into the Island. The other very important document you must have with you is a valid passport otherwise; you might not enter British Virgin Islands.

How can I travel around the British Virgin Islands?

There are various modes of transportation that you can use in this country: ferries, taxis and car rental. The best way to tour the British Virgin Islands is by car rental. This way, you will visit as many places as you wish and at your leisure. With a car rental, you can also visit the capital, Tortola.

There are quite a number of car rental companies in the British Virgin Islands that offer different car rental rates which means you can get cheap car hire services offered by various car hire companies.

You can as well get the car hire companies at the airport once you arrive at the British Virgin Islands.

Where can I stay in British Virgin Islands?

  • Biras Creek Resort

This hotel is well known for its luxurious facilities. It is located on the Virgin Gordan and it has 31 exclusive matching sets that are placed on three bodies of water; Caribbean vay, Atlantic ocean and North sound. This hotel has numerous facilities such as plunge pool, Library, reception a spa and so on.

  • Sugar Mill hotel

This hotel is a small place that hosts few folks. This is a good place to relax and have a look at the spectacular trees in British Virgin Islands. The hotel features a beach, which provides snorkeling and swimming facilities.

  • Gordian Terrace

The Gordian Terrace is a view point of famous beaches. The hotel is equipped with all the facilities including modernized kitchen, a private parking area, dining area among other facilities that you might need during your vacation.

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