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See the best of Venezuela with a Car Rental

With a unique triangle like shape, Venezuela stands out as a bio diverse tropical country. The Spanish American colony is inhabited by racial mixtures of Mestizos, whites, blacks and the indigenous communities featuring the Amerindians. Venezuela is a federation of 23 states and a capital district. It also includes its offshore Islands. Caracas is its capital city and Spanish is the official language used in communication. Its geography features the Amazon Basin rainforest, the Andes Mountains, Ilanos plains and a Caribbean coast.


Most Venezuelans live in the urban centers. Its capital city Caracas is host to numerous attractions. It is home to historic sites, landmarks, museums, parks and institutions in Venezuela. Any visitor to the district will appreciate the scenic views from the air. The remarkable trip on Teleferico is a great experience for all visitors. You get the best view of Caracas beauty in a cable ride. The city has serene locations within beautiful parks where you can relax. For a cultural treat in the town, visit the Teatro Teresa Careno, and the National Art Gallery. Children will have a wonderful time in amusement parks and the Museo de los Nino for kids. The Paseo de los Proceres is a landmark with a great environment for jogging, bikers, and sightseeing. Another significant landmark is the plaza de Altamira.

Do you know the environment around the world’s highest waterfall?

The Guiana Highlands of Venezuela in the south east has table like mountains. Within its surroundings you find spectacular sights of waterfalls-among these the worlds highest water falls; the Angel Falls. It also hosts the Kaieteur Falls and Kuquenan Falls. On location you find sandstones, conglomerates, quartzites, shales and gabbros. This is also host to thousands of animal and bird species.

Within its terrain is the popular Amazonian rainforest. Venezulean parks in the landscape include the Canaima, Kaieteur, Parima-Tapirapeco and Neblina National parks. This forest has a combination of wild trees, hanging plants, tropical fruit trees and thousands of plants. Eco- tourists can’t exhaust the natural beauty in the Amazon rainforest. It has all the colorful wild flowers you can imagine. Its animal species varies in tens of thousands while there are over 1500 bird species in the forest. Its river basin has lover 2200 fish species and an amazing variety of insects including the colorful butterflies.

Smart traveling and Car hire tips for Venezuela tours

If you are touring Venezuela, get all the basic details about its climatic changes. This will ensure that you travel to the right spots in the best season. Most tourists will avoid the rainforest region between June and September. This is due to the flooding river basin. When you want to fully explore this region, car rental should be your first option. You can use car hire services to tour the Andes mountain ranges. Still, you would need to dress in warm clothing since this is a cold area. There are other modes of transport such as taxi, but they could be inconvenient. Therefore car hire remains the best option. You could also get cheap car hire if  you are operating on a  fixed budget.

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