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Caracas Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Caracas Airport

Caracas Airport Car RentalCaracas Airport Car Rental

Caracas is officially known as Santiago de Leon de Caracas and is the capital and largest city of Venezuela. The natives or residents of this city are known as Caraquenians in English. It is positioned in the northern part of the country and follows the contours of the narrow Caracas Valley which lies on the Venezuelan coastal mountain range. At the time when it was founded, it was inhabited by the native people. The development of the city was fuelled by the cultivation of cocoa under the Compania Guipuzcoana de Caracas in 1777. The city’s airport handles millions of passengers each year and facilities include a number of car rental outlets.

It is one of the leading tourist destinations of this country and tourists flock to see the natural beauty of this place. It offers world class dining, shopping, and nightlife experiences. Caracas is situated in a gorgeous valley which is overlooked by Mount Avila. It is an imposing mountain that separates the city from the Caribbean Sea and shapes most of the city’s setting. It is a very popular weekend destination even for the city residents.

It is a multi-ethnic city and is admired for its food. It has restaurants and bars which are inspired by the cuisine of many different countries and cultures due to great waves of migration from Europe and the Middle East after the Second World War. The city has numerous departmental stores, clubs, and malls. Caracas has got a tropical climate where the summer and winter temperatures are not much different.  Opt for car hire and you could be exploring the area in your own air-conditioned vehicle.

La Plaza Bolivar is very popular amongst tourists. It is located in the city centre near the Metro Capitolio. La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar is Bolivar’s birthplace with some great paintings and a museum and a great place to find out more about this man.  The Museo Bolivariano has got some of Bolivar's war relics and is located next to the birthplace. The Universidad Central de Venezuela has been designated a World Heritage Site by the UN in 2000. It was designed by Venezuela's most famous architect, Carlos Raul Villanueva.

Some other well known tourist attractions include the Jardin Botanico, Museo de Arte Colonial, the Parque del Este, and the Centro de Arte La Estancia. Opting for Caracas car rental is a must for those who want to explore the area with their own schedule and much time and money can be save in this way.

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