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Discover Spectacular Uruguay with a Car Rental

Although ranking as the second smallest sovereign nation in South America, Uruguay is one of the most developed countries of South America. It has a great record of being one of the least corrupt in the Latin America. It comprises of over 3 million people most of who are of European origins. This beautiful country is characterized by rolling planes, low hilly ranges and a fertile 660 km coast. Its four river basins comprise of the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay River in the west, the Laguna Merin and the Rio Negro. From these basins you find the black river, and lagoons on the Atlantic coast.

Can you find National Reserves in Uruguay?

With a wetland and hilly terrain, you will find a variety of plant and animal species. His small country has nine national Parks scattered across its geography. Its eastern side has five parks while the central hilly region has three. Western Uruguay prides itself of one National Park. On the Eastern side, you find parks with a variety of migratory water birds like the flamingos, swans, waders, herons and grebes. North of Montevideo is the Arequita National Park with a variety of forest species and caves. Within Rio Negro, you find the exclusive Esteros de Farrapos National Park. It is home to the maned wolf and 200 bird species, 30 mammal varieties and reptiles. Eco-tourist will love its butterfly species too.

Uruguay Beaches

The major tourist attraction in Uruguay is its exceptional beach life experience. Its capital city Montevideo is located on the far south and has a number of beaches for all kinds of tourist activities. The spectacular view of the sunset at the beach is out of this world. Visitors enjoy taking pictures of the amazing seaside landscapes in their variety. You will also find a beach market in Punta del Diablo in Rocha for amazing gifts for your friends and family. Maldonado’s rambla of Piriapolis has one of the most beautiful beaches popular with the rich and famous. This is a classic spot frequented by private yachts, ships and tourists on cruises.


The city is host to Uruguay’s cultural heritage sites including colonial buildings and museums. You will find the Palacio Salvo and e Colonia del Sacaramento. Its old city offers a variety of gift shops with memorable items for your friends and family. This metropolitan city has a vibrant night life with classic joints, restaurants, pubs and casinos, suitable for a modern hot spot. Visitors in Montevideo like to party and dance to local and international music favorites. The city has exclusive joints with scrumptious cuisine fro around Uruguay. You will also find international meals and snacks for you to wine and dine in style. 

Travel and Car hire Tips for Uruguay

When visiting Uruguay, it is advisable that you choose your favorite destination in advance. Find a reliable means of transport to the destination so that you will not have a hard time. You could choose to use car hire services from the numerous car rental agencies rather than other means of transport such as taxi and buses. However, taxis come in handy when you want to tour areas that you might have a hard time locating. The best part is that when you book your car online, you can enjoy the discounted rates of cheap car hire agencies.

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Uruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental review


Safe And Easy To Drive In Uruguay

Pleasant staff at pick up although needed to get petrol which makes it harder to return with the same level. puncture on the way back to the airport so running late but very helpful staff took us to the terminal without having to wait for the shuttle.

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Uruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental review


Has Been All Perfect.

Clarity and courtesy on delivery....rnkindness and friendliness to delivery.

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Uruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental reviewUruguay car rental review


Very Good

The experience of car rental was very good. i was answered promptly even when, by e-mail, i requested the extension of the rent and exchange of the place of delivery. very recommendable company.