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Reus Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Reus Airport

Reus Airport Car RentalReus is a colourful tiny town in the Catalan area of Spain. Situated in very close proximity to the Costa Daurada, Reus has sandy beaches, a wonderful balmy climate, an abundance of natural reserves and above all, architectural marvels to boast about. It is therefore one of the emerging tourist centres in Spain. Car hire services can allow you to explore the different parts of this town with considerable ease.

This church is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Reus and must not be slighted. There is a colourful history behind the formation of this church. There was once a miserable epidemic of plague here and a virgin came to rescue people from death and left just as mysteriously. No one knew her whereabouts, but decided to pay tribute by erecting a church in her memory. Thus was born the Misericordia Church, with its wonderful architecture and Gothic inscriptions.

Constructed during the early 19th century, the Casa Rull is an elaborate palatial mansion in the heart of Reus. Built celebrating both the Gothic and contemporary (now medieval) design of Europe, this mansion has beautiful pillars, stained glass windows and pointed spires at the top. Visitors are allowed to tour the Casa only through guided tours and once you reach the tower, you are treated to a fascinating view of the countryside and the sea.  Reus car hire is perfect for reaching tourist hotspots just like these.

Costa Daurada, a neighbouring town, has some of the best beaches in the world. A trip to the Coast would hardly take you an hour and with our car rentals, it should be comfortable. Once there, at Costa Daurada, you have plenty of beaches to choose from, though most of them are private beaches. The City Beach of Costa Daurada is a premier beach where you can swim and sunbathe in tranquil surroundings.

Built on the lines of the Casa Rull, the Casa Navas is yet another astounding mansion in the heart of the city with a beautiful structure and picturesque gardens. This structure was demolished during the Second World War, but then was renovated again by the Navas Nobility who bought it from the Federation of Reus. Today, it is a sightseeing spot in Reus.

There are hills to be hiked, cathedrals to be explored and a few museums to be toured in Reus. With our car rental services, you can enjoy Reus in all its glory and see a side of Spain that is very different.

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