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New Zealand Car Rental | Rent a car in New Zealand

When visiting New Zealand you should take your time as there are many things to do and see. Whether you are on the north island, Te Ika-a-Maui, or on the south island Waipounamu, take your time to enjoy these beautiful 2 islands. offers cheap car hire at all airport and cities in New Zealand

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The land of Kiwi: New Zealand

A long standing joke in New Zealand goes something like this: half the population in New Zealand wants to be an All Blacks; the other half wants to marry one. All Blacks is of course the alias of this country’s heroic Rugby National team. Apart from Rugby, the other defining feature of this country is a tiny bird: the Kiwi. It is from this bird that the country gets the tag – Kiwi nation. Located in the South Western part of the Pacific nation, the largest city of this country is Auckland, whilst the capital is Wellington.

  New Zealand in figures
  • $ 122 Billion: the average GDP of this state as per official estimates of the year 2012-08-23, equated against the size of the population, it works out to about $ 27,000 in the hands of every individual. This makes new Zealand a middle income economy.
  • 4.43 Million: the total population of people as per official 2012 estimates.
  • 268, 021: the size of land in square kilometers that the territory of New Zealand sits upon
  • 1853: the year that this country was granted independence from Australia
  • 64: the international calling code of New Zealand
New Zealand Traditions

As any rugby lover would know, one of the things that attracts a global audience to the All Blacks Rugby team is the war cry at the outset of every game. The famous ‘Haka a Maori’ war cry is a way to inspire both fear and awe to rivals. As there are a number of tribes in New Zealand, it would be a grave injustice to highlight a few aspects of tradition and leave out others. One thing is for sure, this is a country with a rich cultural history; students of world culture will be at an advantage if they dig into this part of New Zealand. Take that leap of faith.

Things to do in New Zealand

When in Rome, so says an old cliché, do as the Romans do. When in New Zealand, there are a number of things that you can do to while away your time:

  • Cultural tourism: The Wellington Cultural Festival, a month long festival, is a must go for those who love culture.
  • Museums: New Zealand has a number of respectable museums with the foremost being Te Papa Tongarewa that details the history of this country. Apart from museums, and art centers one can elect to visit the zoos, and the beach.
Car Hire in New Zealand

If you want to explore New Zealand, you need a reliable mode of transport, and this is where the use of an automobile comes into the picture. The most ideal way to see New Zealand would be by car rental. There are a number of car hire firms in the state. These car hire firms comprise of global icons such as Budget, as well as local car rental firms. The charges vary from premier to affordable car hire rates offered by a number of cheap cars hire companies in New Zealand. When you visit New Zealand, your world will be greatly enriched. Make that trip.

Car rental tips for New Zealand

Traffic rules in New Zealand

Generally the speed limits are: 50 km per hour in built up areas unless signs say otherwise; 100 km per hour on highways.
Do not try and overtake when you see a solid yellow line as this indicates that it is too dangerous to do so.

Toll roads in New Zealand

There are toll roads including the Northern Gateway Toll Road which was the one of the first electronically operated toll roads in the country. Toll roads are indicated well in advance and alternatives are clearly signposted.

Driver's licence

International Driving Permit is required. International Driving Permit must be accompanied by the original domestic licence of the driver.

Cross Island Rentals

Cross border travel is not permitted into any island on the ferry. Customers can take the car from island to island but they must give 72 hours advance notice to the rental location prior to crossing the border. The customer must leave the rental car on one side of the island, cross on the ferry, and then collect another rental car. Note: Only one booking is required, but it is mandatory to provide the date and time of ferry crossing so that the relevant branches can be notified to ensure that a vehicle is ready for clients when they arrive off the ferry. If the customer is traveling from Picton to Wellington then the customer will leave the vehicle at the rental station located at the ferry terminal, and pick up the replacement vehicle from the rental station at Wellington ferry terminal. If the customer is traveling from Wellington to Picton then the customer should return the vehicle to the rental station at Wellington ferry terminal and pick up the replacement from the rental station at Picton.

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