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Mongolia Tourist and Car Rental Information

Mongolia lies between China and Russia. It is a landlocked country, and although it does not share any border with Kazakhstan, the Western point lies a mere 38 kilometers from the eastern tip of Kazakhstan. The productive regions of the country are mainly on the north of the country. Mongolia is divided into 21 provinces, and it has a diverse range of tourist destinations.

What about ground transport?

There are plenty of options to choose from as far as transportation means are concerned. Some of the ground transport means include buses, vans, cars, minibuses and you can rent a car still. If you are going by bus to a destination that is far off, you have to purchase the ticket the previous night. There are plenty of taxis too, but might be expensive if you want to tour many destinations.

Car Hire in Mongolia

If you would like to tour the country at your own convenience, there are plenty of cheap car hire companies you can get in touch with and rent a car. Car rental remains the best option, since it gives you liberty to tour the region at your own leisure. On the other hand, it remains the cheaper option if you have plenty of destinations to explore.

Can I speak English in Mongolia?

The official language spoken in Mongolia is Mongolian. However, Russian, English, Turkic among other Mongolian dialects are widely spoken. If you are an English speaking tourist, you can communicate comfortably so no need to worry.

What about the currency?

Mongolia uses a currency known as the Togrog or Tugrik. If you would like to pay for services like car rental, taxis among others, you better be having some Mongolian currency with you. You can change your currency at authorized currency exchange shops and banks.

Mongolia -Did you know?

  • It is the 6th largest nation in Asia
  • Mongolia is the second largest landlocked country in the world, after Kazakhstan
  • It’s among the world’s sparsely populated countries
  • In 1920s the first ever dinosaur eggs were found in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert
  • Mongolia was in the past divided into two regions, Inner and Outer Mongolia
  • Majority of the residents led the nomad life till the mid 20th century

Does the country have any tourist destinations?

The country boasts of some of the world’s fascinating places to tour. There are destinations for every type of tourist, and plenty of car rental companies to rent a car from if you would like to tour the country at your own pleasure. Some of these include;

The National Museum

It is located in the capital city Ulaanbaatar. It is a well-liked tourist destination where a good number of tourists get to learn the history of Mongolia. There are different art crafts you can see, that symbolize the rich historical past of the country.

Erdene Zuu

Erdene Zuu is a huge Buddhist monastery that is worth touring. It can accommodate literally over one thousand monks at a go. Buddhism is the main religion of the country, and there are plenty on monasteries to see.

Yolin Am

It is also referred to as vulture canyon, and it is the ideal spot for the trekker. If you are a mountaineer, climbing its walls is certain to give you the thrill of a lifetime. If you cannot climb however, the mere sight of it is enough to captivate you.

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