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Sapporo Chitose Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Sapporo Chitose Airport

Sapporo Chitose Airport Car RentalSapporo Chitose Airport Guide

Sapporo Chitose airport, also referred to as new Chitose airport is located in south southeast Chitose in Japan. It serves the Sapporo region and it is the largest airport by land area in Hokkaido.

Facts about the Sapporo Chitose airport
  • Sapporo Chitose was the first airport in Japan to operate on 24hours basis.
  • Before 1991, Sapporo Chitose airport was known as Chitose airport. It was renovated but some of the former airport building facilities is still in use.
  • Going through the great circle route, Sapporo Chitose airport is the closest Asian airport to the USA.
Why you should fly to Sapporo Chitose airport?  

The airport is the most ideal way to get to Sapporo city, actually, the air route connecting Tokyo and Chitose is the busiest in the world. You are guaranteed service all day everyday and it is the 3rd busiest airport in Japan and is ranked amongst the busiest airports worldwide. It handles at least 20 million passengers annually.

How is the Sapporo Chitose airport?   

The Sapporo Chitose airport has two terminals. The domestic terminal is the larger of the two and it handles most of the passenger traffic in Chitose. The other airport handles East Asia’s international flights. The airport terminals and facilities are all in close proximity and so there is not much walking to get from one to the other.

Facilities at the Sapporo Chitose airport

The airport offers almost any service and facility you can think of; it is like a small town. There are numerous restaurants and shops as well as banking and money exchange facilities. Most of the shops at the Sapporo Chitose airport have Japanese names, but you can also find a few international names. The eat-in places mostly serve Japanese delicacies; they are worth trying. The reason this is so is because most of the passengers are Japanese and they enjoy their own food more than the international cuisines. If you have spare time before your flight, you should head to the sky dream museum. This is an aviation museum at the airport and offers various concept crafts.

 Car hire from the Sapporo Chitose airport

It is possible to rent a car from the Sapporo Chitose airport. You get to select a car rental from a range of Japan made cars. With your car rental, you will be sure to explore as much of Japan as possible, and you do not have to use the other transport means that can be unreliable. There are several car hire agencies at the airport; they range from local to international car hire agencies. 

It is also possible to reserve a car rental prior to arrival. All you have to do is find a car hire agency located at the airport and contact them for reservations. Reserving a car rental is most ideal as you will get the chance to compare various car hire rates for the best deal. It is even possible to come across a cheap car hire company at the Sapporo Chitose airport.

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