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Welcome to Gabon; Africa’s Last Eden

In Central Africa’s West Coast, bordering Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and the Gulf of Guinea, sitting on the equator, is a country formally referred to as the Gabonese Republic. It is a unique oil rich country that has been ruled by just three presidents since it got its independence from the French in the year 1979.

What do you need to enter Gabon?

Along with a passport and Visas, you must have a valid certificate showing that you have been immunized against yellow fever. Failure to carry yours might see you get immunized once more, and at a charge. Passports must have a minimum validity of six months from the specific day of arriving in the country. British nationals require visas to visit the country.

How do I travel in the country?

Public Transport

There are many available buses, trains and taxis to ensure you choose the most convenient form of transport for you.

Car Hire

Gabon has many well maintained roads; therefore, touring the country by road is not going to pose much of a challenge. There are plenty of fully fledged car rental companies offering cheap car hire services to anyone who would like to rent a car.

As a tourist, however, the best travel option would be car rental. Renting a car allows you to explore the numerous tourist destinations the country has without too much of a hustle. On the other hand, it is the best travel means considering you keep your own time and travel to the destination you would like to tour. Buses usually stick to the main roads, and taxis might overcharge you to take you to your target destination.

What about currency and official language?

Gabon currency is known as the CFA franc, and it comes in a wide range of notes and coins. If you would like to rent a car, pay a tour guide, pay for a taxi among other expenses, you need to have some CFA Francs with you. These can be gotten at leading banks and authorized exchange bureaus.

The official language of the Gabonese is French, and it is mandatory in schools. If you do not know some French, it is best you learn at least some if you would like to interact with the natives of the country. Apart from the native languages of the Gabonese, French is the only Language they speak.

Are There Any Tourist Attractions Of Worth In Gabon?

Gabon is labeled Africa’s Last Eden and it offers plenty to its visitors. Touring this country requires that you have your own means of transport, and therefore it’s best you rent a car. By doing this, you avoid the inconvenience of using public transport. This is a country of unmatched beauty, with some of its outstanding features being national parks. Some of the best parks include;

  • Ivindo National Park and
  • Loango national park

There are plenty of other breathtaking destinations in Gabon that include Langoue Bai, a beautiful wild animal sanctuary where you can see red river hogs, sitatungas, forest buffaloes, gorillas, elephants among other animals. You can also visit the unique L’Eglise St-Michel, which is an exceptionally constructed church with 31 out of magnificent columns that were carved by a sightless Gabonese craftsman.

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