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Affordable Car hire and Vacation in Ecuador

The Spanish speaking Ecuador has a number of World Heritage sites among them its capital city Quito. Besides having numerous historical sites, the country is also an amazing tourist destination for its natural features. Endowed with great Islands of Galapagos, it has a diverse ecosystem. Although it is among the smallest countries of South America, it has beautiful sites like its Pacific Ocean coastline.

Do you know about unique features in Ecuador?

Part of its terrain encompasses a mountainous part of the Andes Mountains. It has 10 mountain peaks of over 500 meters. It also has an Amazonian region on its Eastern side. The 1000 kilometers of the Galapagos Islands are an addition to Ecuador’s territory it is also home to the world’s highest active volcanoes. Any tourist touring Ecuador needs to visit Mount Chimborazo-the most distant point from the Equator.

In case you didn’t know, this small country is among the 17megadiverse countries of the world. Endowed with thousands of animal and plant species across a diverse geographical terrain, it is a sight to behold. The region is divided into four geographical regions; Pacific Coast, Andean Highlands, Amazon Rain Forest and the Galapagos Islands.

Isn’t it interesting to learn that Quinine is grown in Ecuador? In fact, you will be amazed that Ecuador is home to the world’s smallest orchid measuring about 2mm wide. With over 4000 orchid species, the country accounts for 10% of the world’s plant varieties- from its 25000 plant species. To cover the beautiful sites and attractions in Ecuador, you will need a convenient means of transport that is obviously car hire services. Well there are other transport options such as taxis and buses available and you could use them as well.

Among the interesting animal species you will find in Ecuador are; the Galapagos tortoise, Blue footed booby, and sharks. If you want a region with rare reptiles, amphibian and mammal species, the Galapagos Islands make a difference. The country has 10 world life refugees, 9 ecological reserves and numerous sights to fill your vacation calendar. For a blend of exotic and indigenous species tour the Amazonian region.

Family travel to Ecuador

If you have teenagers in your family, have them research on some facts about Ecuador prior to the trip. They will be thrilled to learn that Ecuador is the eighth largest producer of cocoa-a raw material for the production of chocolates.

If they love adventures, ensure that you visit Sierra for scenic views of the pines and cedars. While at it, you don’t need to worry about transportation in Ecuador because the country has a modern railroad, highways, and quality roads. For you to link major cities, you can hire a car or use public transport.

Great packages for family vacation

Often, tour companies and hotels provide affordable vacation packages for the whole family to enjoy. There are many options within the car rental services among them is the cheap car hire for your family vacations. Some of the sports you can enjoy as a family include; mountaineering, biking, hiking, rafting and surfing. To buy gifts for friends and family members, visit the indigenous markets for unique arts, crafts, clothing and other souvenirs.

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