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Belgium is a small country, bordered by The Netherlands in the north, France in the south and Germany and Luxembourg. Belgium is a popular tourist destination, Brussels the capital city of Europe and Antwerp in the north are popular destinations. Many of our clients have rented cheap cars in Belgium with and had good experiences, below you find some car rental tips 

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Touring the magnificent Belgium with a Rental Car

Belgium is a small but highly developed country in Western Europe. The country is densely populated, and it is one of European Community founders. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, along with the European Union.

- Did you know?
  • Belgium produces over 800 different kinds of beer
  • The first beer academy in the world opened in Limburg, Belgium in the year 1999
  • Belgians consume on average 150 liters of beer a person each year
  • The country produces 220,000 tons of chocolate annually.
  • Voting in Belgium is compulsory
  • It is compulsory to get education in Belgium till you are 18 years or over
  • It boasts of the world’s longest tram line
Car hire in Belgium

Do not worry about traveling in Belgium, since there are plenty of transport means in the country. It is possible to rent a car in Belgium, or even a bicycle! People in the charming town of Brugge use bicycles in plenty, and while you might rent a car and travel. You cannot enter the medieval center with a car. Bicycles in Belgium can be rented at railway stations, and the trains even allow travelers to board with their bicycles free of charge.

Trains, buses, trams and taxis are available in plenty. Although Belgium is a small country, it does not mean you can get to all tourist destinations by foot. Car rental is perhaps the best option, considering there are plenty of car rental companies that give cheap car hire services.

What are the driving rules in Belgium which you need to take into account when you rent a car?

Most of the basic driving rules in Belgium are similar to the ones of most European countries. However, if you are an English speaker, understand that road signs in Belgium are usually in either Dutch or French.

  • Always drive on the right side of the road, overtake on your left.
  • Priority is always given to the right
  • Minimum driving age is 18 years
  • Trams are always given priority in Belgium
  • The speed limit on motorways is 120 km/h, 50km/h in built up areas, 70-90km/h on national roads.
Are there any attractions in this small country?

Belgium boasts of a wide array of tourist destinations. If you dream of getting an experience of a lifetime, simply rent a car to tour breathtaking destinations like;


It is also known as Brugge, and it’s a province known for its picturesque medieval architecture. It is also known for its quality beer. Although it was established in the 19th century, it remains an outstanding tourist destination.


Antwerp zoo is located in the middle of the city. It is a spectacular zoo that was founded in the year 1843. Due to its varieties of species, care given to the animals and its success with regard to breeding, it is considered among Europe’s finest zoos. It also boats of  great architecture.

Cathedral of St Bavon

It is a magnificent brick and granitite building. It is an old building that got its present name from Charles V after he had destroyed a building that existed before it to build a fortress.

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Car rental tips for Belgium

One-way rental

Just advise and confirm it when you arrange your car rental. The most local agents included the popular one-way rental to pick the car up in one spot and drop it off in another location. So there will be no extra fee charged for. Please always make sure you always check the detailed rental terms as they can be different for each car rental agent. 

Cross border in Belgium

You can take the most car rental to all European countries, if you are planning to cross the border please put a note in the comment box when you make the booking so the local car rental agent can prepare the paperwork for you. Please be advised if you want to cross border in winter, in many countries winter tyres are mandatory, in Belgium the cars are not equipped with winter tyres as it is not mandatory.

Tolls and fee in Belgium

There are some mountain roadways where you have to pay local toll fee. Also at some tunnels like the Liefenhoeks in Antwerp.

Insurance and extra coverage

Usually all mandatory insurances like Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Waiver and Third Party are included in the car rental price, however many times there is an excess/deductible applicable. The excess/deductible is the maximum amount you will be held responsible for in case of damage or loss. offers full protection insurance from Allianz and AXA for a complete peace of mind.  

Renting a car with more than 1 driver

A rental car can only be driven by the main driver but there is a possibility to add an additional driver which mostly has an extra fee. You can find out how much it is by checking the detailed terms and conditions. The extra driver will need to be present at the local rental office when picking up the car to show his/her driver license. Some restrictions may apply. Please check the detailed terms and conditions for this information.

I am traveling abroad but I do not know how to get to my car rental destination

Most car rentals offer a GPS navigation system to navigate your way to your destination. It has an extra fee which is described in the terms and conditions. Please be advised as GPS navigation systems are subject to availability of the car rental companies.

Where to rent a car offers car rental in more than 35000 locations, at all major airports and cities and railway stations. Below on this page you see a map with all the car rental companies we work with in Belgium.

The best rent a car prices

Rentalcargroup is a price comparison website for all mayor and smaller car rental companies in Belgium which means we can offer you the best car rental deals. Please be advised that prices and car availability constantly changes, therefore the longer you wait with reserving your car, the more expensive it gets.

Popular rent a car destination

Belgium is a popular rent a car destination, there are many car rental companies in Belgium with a wide range of different car categories. Many of our clients have rented a car in Belgium and had good experiences. Do not wait with booking your car for Belgium before you know prices will go up and the availability will get low.

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Facts about car rental in Belgium

  • Last month, the average car rental length in Belgium was 4 days.
  • The average rental car length in Belgium is 7 days.
  • The most booked rental car type currently in Belgium is ECONOMY cars.
  • Last year, the most booked rental car type in Belgium were ECONOMY cars.
  • How much does it cost to rent a car in Belgium? Last month, the average car rental price was 333 USD.
  • Last year, how much did it cost to rent a car in Belgium? Last year, the average car rental price was 524 USD.
  • What is the current average daily price to rent a in Belgium? Last month, the average rental price was 85 USD per day.
  • How much did it cost to rent a car in Belgium over the past 12 months? Last Year, the average rental price was 71 USD per day.
  • The car rental companies available in Belgium are: Alamo, National, Enterprise.

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Popular Belgium car rental and rent a car locations

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Belgium Rental Car Reviews
See below last 5 customer reviews. Our customers rated Belgium Car Rental with an average of 9.57 based on 14 ratings.

Reviewed by:

Mr Eurico

Rentalcargroup Service:

Belgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental review


December 21, 2021


Enterprise Brussels

I like the cars from enterprise in brussels and lyons airport. however, please take note that, although enterprise's office in brussels airport only closes at 23.00, they are not able to close the rental agreement upon returning of the car after 16.00 on sundays because the enterprise office is manned by only one person, which cannoot chek the returned cars. i don't think that is right.

Reviewed by:

Mr Eurico

Rentalcargroup Service:

Belgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental review


October 10, 2021


Instead Of A Fiat 500x A Station Wagon

I rented a fiat 500x, that is, a suv, but i was given a peugeot 308 station wagon instead. very nice car to drive, but from a very different type.

Reviewed by:

Mr Cheng-lin

Rentalcargroup Service:

Belgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental review


October 03, 2021


Very Convenient

Easy, convenient and much cheaper !rnjust annoying i can''t book with the name of my company. rni always have to ask to put it manually on my invoice.

Reviewed by:

Mr Guangda

Rentalcargroup Service:

Belgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental review


September 04, 2021


Mistake Of Extracharging

I have rented several times before and it's the first time the charged an extra day which i shouldn't have since i returned before the deadline.rni am still arguing with them hope they will correct their mistake.

Reviewed by:

Mr Mark

Rentalcargroup Service:

Belgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental reviewBelgium car rental review


August 27, 2022


Good But ...

I'm used to rent cars in asia not in my own country.rni was surpriced they send me alone to the car and have to do the inspection myself alone. now i didn't have luggage but i'm used and always please with a service of peoples of the rental company go with me and even voluntary take my luggage. found an other damage on the car and it was listed without problems or discussion. rncar wasn't 100% clean (specialy inside). maybe this was because i booked late because my car broke down. but you can walk in and book at every moment so i expect they have time to clean them proparly.rna friendly lady at the desk. rnrnone more tip: at the moment we had a real summer in belgium ( yes this happends ;-d ) so maybe can offer bottles of water to go with the car wen temps raise above 27 degrees.rnrnoverall a good experience and i would use them again if needed.