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Touring Armenia by car rental

Armenia is a small country that lies in the Caucasus south, and the smallest among the former Soviet republics. It is bordered in the north by Georgia, Iran on the South with Turkey and Azerbaijan in the west and east respectively.

How do I Get into Armenia?

The main international airport in Armenia is known as Zvartnots International Airport. It is situated 12km west of the capital city Yerevan, near Zvartnots. It remains the busiest of all airports in Armenia. The airport has complied with the international air security regulations, currently boasting of over 150 surveillance cameras. The airport is also guarded by Armenian and Russian Federation guards.

How Do I Get From The Airport in Yerevan?

There are plenty of transport options from the airport, some of which include shuttles or taxis. Taxi cabs can be accessed at the airport’s Arrivals terminal that is just outside the baggage claim area. Taxis are available round the clock hence you should not be worried even if your flight is late. Taxi costs vary depending on destination

Car rental remains the most reliable transport means in Armenia. If you want to tour the country without hurry and conclusively, you would better hire a car. There are plenty of cheap car hire companies that are certain to offer car rental services at the best prices. Other transport means include trains, buses and private cars.

Can I drive in Armenia?

Armenia will not give you the best of experiences as far as driving is concerned. It has got plenty of reckless drivers and poor roads. This does not mean you should not rent a car and marvel in the country’s natural beauty. On the other hand, you will be driven as you visit your tourist destinations, won’t you? This means you should as well throw yourself in the driving frenzy of the country.

The climate is outstanding, being markedly continental. All the summers are characterized by dry sunny days, winters are quite cold with plenty of snow, while Autumns come with colorful vibrant foliage. Springs are short, and falls are long. If you want to marvel in the beauty of the country, liaising with the numerous car rental companies and getting a car would be the best option. Car rental is effective too, because it can be accessed online.

Is There Anything I Can See In Armenia?

Armenia is a country rich in tourist destinations. If you love anything to do with history, Armenia is a great destination to explore. Some of the outstanding destinations include;

  • The Blue Mosque- It is located in the capital city of Armenia Yerevan, and it is among the oldest Armenian religious buildings. It is a magnificent building with a splendid dome and minaret.
  • Yerevan Opera house- It is in Yerevan. An Armenian Opera Theater that hosts a big percentage of the country’s cultural events along with gatherings.
  • Echmiadzin Cathedral- Situated in the Armavir Province of Armenia. It is a 4th century cathedral with a magnificent bell tower and breathtaking rose gardens. The Cathedral is the Central Church of Armenian Christians.

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