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Travel and Car hire Guide to Zimbabwe

The republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa. Zimbabwe shares a border with four neighbors, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique. The capital city of Zimbabwe is Harare.

Getting to Zimbabwe

The visa requirements to Zimbabwe vary for various states. It is advisable to consult with your state’s Zimbabwe embassy or consulate for your visa requirements. The main entry point by plane to Zimbabwe is the Harare international airport. The airport handles direct flights to and from various African nations and various parts of Europe. Zimbabwe is also accessible by bus, car and train from the neighboring states.

Transportation and Car rental inside Zimbabwe

There is bus service in Zimbabwe, they are cheap but can be quite unreliable and offer poor services. You can also opt for taxis to offer transportation to various cities in Zimbabwe. The problem with the taxi service is that the drivers may take advantage of tourists and charge exorbitant fares.

The most convenient way to explore as much of Zimbabwe in your duration of stay is by a car rental. There are numerous car hire companies in Zimbabwe including international car hire companies. These companies offer vehicles that range from luxury to economy cars. You can choose to make advance booking for a car rental or you can simply rent a car from the airport after landing, whatever option you choose you are sure to get a car hire company at your service. It is also possible to get cheap car hire in Zimbabwe. To get great discounts on car hire services, you can make advance booking online from one of the many rental websites.

Interesting facts about Zimbabwe

  • Zimbabwe plays host to one of the world’s natural wonders, the Victoria Falls.
  • Before independence, Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia, named after Cecil Rhodes, an adventurer.
  • Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s poorest nations due to corruption and poor management.
  • The life expectancy of males in Zimbabwe is 42years, rated amongst the lowest worldwide.
  • Lord Baden-Powell came up with the Boy Scout movement idea while in Zimbabwe.

Things to see and do in Zimbabwe

The one attraction you cannot leave Zimbabwe without seeing is the Victoria Falls. Located in west Zimbabwe, these falls are at least twice the size of the Niagara Falls. You can enjoy the atmosphere by spending a night at one of the hotels around the Victoria Falls. At this falls, you can take part in bungee jumping.

You can also visit is Zimbabwe’s ancient stone city ruins located in central Zimbabwe. This city dates back to the 15th century. Another place to visit is the lake Kariba. At this lake, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries as you enjoy various activities.

You may be lucky to enjoy the annual Harare international arts festival held every April which attracts local as well as international artists. In this festival you get to enjoy great African music, theater and art.

Food in Zimbabwe

To be able to enjoy the Zimbabwe cuisine, you will have to travel to the local restaurants as the big hotels do not offer traditional Zimbabwe delicacies. If you want to have the usual European dishes, then you can find them in plenty from the various hotels in Zimbabwe.

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