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Uzbekistan travel and car hire guide

The republic of Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in the central of Asia.  Uzbekistan covers approximately 450,000 kilometers squared and is rates ad the 56th largest state worldwide. Uzbekistan is the only doubly landlocked state in Asia and makes up the only tow such states in the world. Uzbekistan boasts one of the largest gold deposits in the universe and it mines a minimum of 80 gold tones each year. Uzbekistan’s capital is Tashkent.

Getting to Uzbekistan

In order to be granted access to Uzbekistan, you are required to have a visa. This exempts nationals of CIS countries. You can apply for a visa online. Once you are in Uzbekistan, you are required to register your place of residence with the immigration offices within your first three days. There are lengthy immigration processes before entering Uzbekistan. You will be required to declare how much you come in with and what you leave the country with upon departure.

The main entry point to Uzbekistan is Tashkent international airport. This is a modern airport and offers modern services and facilities. You need to have at least two hours for going through custom checks.

Transportation and Car Rental in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the only central Asia state with a subway transport system. There are buses and trams that are run by the Uzbekistan government. There ate taxi services in plenty; registered and unregistered. It is advisable to negotiate the rates before boarding as they do not run on taxi meters. There are trains that connect various parts of Uzbekistan.

There are various car hire agencies in Uzbekistan through which you can acquire a car rental. In order to rent a car in Uzbekistan, you will need to have an international driving permit and be above the age of 17. When driving your car rental in Uzbekistan, remember that the speed limit here is strictly between 60km/h and 80km/h in urban areas and 90kn/h on the highways.

Driving your car rental in Uzbekistan can be fun as there are several highways in Uzbekistan that are paves with two lanes. When you rent a car in Uzbekistan, you will enjoy convenience and mobility as you do not have to wait for buses, trams or trains on the stations.

Accommodation facilities in Uzbekistan

There are numerous stay places in Uzbekistan. You can stay in hotels that vary from expensive to affordable hotels. There are yurt stays where you get to stay in yurt camps. You cannot lack a place to stay in the cities and towns of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekistan nightlife

If you are in Uzbekistan for the fun, you are assured the night life is something worth trying. There are several night clubs in the capital as well as very good restaurants. In this night clubs, you can expect to club hop time the wee hours of the morning when most of them close.

There are several nighttime restaurants in Uzbekistan where you can indulge in the tasty Uzbek cuisine which is mostly influenced by Uzbekistan agriculture. The Uzbek cuisine is characterized by noodles and mutton. You need to taste the traditional palov dish. This dish is made with rice mixed with small pieces of meat, and various vegetables. You can drive your car rental to various attraction sites as you make stops at restaurants where you sample a variety of Uzbek dishes that you will fall in love with.

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