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The Kingdom of Tonga

Officially known as the Kingdom of Tonga, this is an archipelago that is located in the South of the Pacific. This island is composed of 176 islands of which only 52 are occupied. It is important to note that these islands (both occupied and unoccupied) are spread over hundreds of thousands of kilometers over the South Pacific basin. The capital of the Kingdom of Tonga is Naku lofa, with the official languages in this state are English and Tongan. The state is governed by a Parliamentary system of Government.

A picture of Tonga in figures is given below.

Tonga in Figures
  • 1970: this is the year that this territory was granted independence from British protection.
  • 103, 306: this is the population of Tonga as per the 2011official estimates.
  • 763: this is the amount of income in Millions of dollars generated by the economic activities of Tonga as per the official 2011 statistics. This works out to a per capita income of $ 4, 220 per individual.
  • 748: this is the size of the land mass covered by Tonga in square kilometers.
  • 676: this is the International calling code of Tonga.
Interesting facts on Tonga
  • Tonga is divided into 5 administrative units.
  • The Island has a tropical climate with only two seasons –wet and dry.
  • Tonga boasts one the highest literacy rates in the world with over ninety per cent of the population being literate.
  • The state also has a relatively developed medical infrastructure, and this has greatly contributed to the fact that it has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the Oceania region.
Things to do in Tonga
  • Cultural tourism: There is a rich tradition culture in Tonga and people interested in learning of the Tonga culture will be deeply enriched whilst in Tonga.
  • Religious sabbatical: Those individuals seeking to go for spiritual tours can always take a trip to Tonga as this place offers tranquility coupled with a strong religious base for those seeking spiritual growth.
  • Eco tourism: The country has been blessed with rich coral reefs, lagoons, and other Geographical features. If you want to have a dream wedding, or see Mother Nature in a diverse way, Tonga is the place to be.
Explore Tonga with a Rental Car

In order for your dream trip to Tonga to take off in style, you will need the help of an automobile. The best way to explore this heavenly country is by car rental. The island of Tonga has a number of respectable car rental agencies. These car hire companies offer both premium car hire rates as well as cheap car hire facilities.

An international driver’s license, an insurance policy, as well as proof of ability to care for the car rental are the requirements you need to deliver to be able to rent a care in Tonga. Even amongst cheap car hire service providers, professionalism is very present, and you are assured of getting very well serviced cars from car hire companies in Tonga.

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