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Get Around Tanzania with a Car hire

Tanzania is a pretty big country, actually the biggest in East Africa. It also has so much to offer from natural to historic sites. It borders Kenya, Uganda which forms the East Africa countries.

Why visit Tanzania?

Simply because it has so much to offer and you can learn one or two things about the culture of people there. You will have the privilege to see Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, in the north, to deep lakes like the Tanganyika. The famous Serengeti National Park is found in Tanzania. Tanzania is also home to the whitest beaches in areas like Zanzibar making it one of the best tourist destinations in Africa.

Where to visit in Tanzania

You should have a well planed program of what you want to do and where you want to visit. In order to visit as many places as possible, you will need a schedule under which you must stick otherwise; you might end up missing some of the spectacular sites. You should most definitely catch the migration in the Serengeti. You could do so much more such as go scuba diving in Mafia and go see fossils that date back to 2 million years in Olduvai Gorge.

How to get there

There are at least three major airports in Tanzania that receive international flights so you can easily get into the country through air. You could also get in to Tanzania by bus from the neighboring countries such as Kenya and Uganda. You could also enter the country by train.

What you will need

Your passport will come in handy and a tourist’s visa is required. Tanzania is a popular tourist destination and the government restlessly works to facilitate tourism in the country.


There are five-star international hotels, four-star local hotels, and luxurious game reserve camps, cottages on the coast and guest houses available for you. This are situated all over the country making it convenient for tourists. This means, you can tour the country and not lack a place to spend the night.

Moving around the country by Car hire or Public transport

In Tanzania, you could travel within the country by car, train, boat and even air. However, most people prefer to go by road because it is cheaper as well as convenient. There are taxis and other public means of transport. The public means are usually very hectic and they do not access all the areas in the country that you would like to tour. The best way to travel would have to be through car rental services.

You can get car hire companies in the big towns where you can even go for cheap car hire services. As it is, car hire is the most convenient way to explore the country. When you hire a car it will not be a hustle to travel to the historical islands, since there are ferries that operate between the islands. With a rented car, you do not have to worry about missing a bus. You also consider the areas that you are visiting so that you can know exactly the type of car to hire. If it’s a rough terrain, you will need to get a four wheeled drive vehicle.

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