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Explore Swaziland in Style with a Car rental

Swaziland is a land locked country meaning it does not have a coastline. It is relatively small with a population just as large as its size. You will be intrigued to find that it is probably the only African country that still uses an absolute monarchy system of government.

Why Swaziland?

It may be small as compared to other tourist destinations, but it has so much to offer in terms of tourists attractions. Swaziland has numerous National Parks and reserves spread out through the country. Not to mention the rich cultural background that is depicted through the cultural practices that are annual in some parts of the country. The country also boasts of lack of civil wars or even other forms of violence.

While you are there

When in Swaziland, ensure to visit as many national parks as possible; they all offer unique sites from one to the other. You could start with the most famed- Mkhaya National Park. If you make it to see the Phophonyane Falls make sure to take photos of the spectacular site. The Lobombo Mountains offer a great view and you can see all the way to Mozambique from the peaks.

How you will get there

Usually, visitors jet into South Africa and then drive to Swaziland. It is possible to go directly to Swaziland but it’s a bit more expensive. The railway also cuts through Swaziland that can come from as far as Nairobi and goes all the way to South Africa.

What you will need to get there

A visa and a passport are compulsory for you to enter the country unless you are a citizen of a few chosen countries which will mean that you most probably do not require a visa. Check with the British embassy in your country for more information on this.


There are hotels and guest houses and also villas all over. Moreover, when you travel, you will probably be back to your stay the very same day so you need not re-book. Most luxurious hotels are found in Ezulwini Valley.

Travelling around Swaziland by Car hire or Public transport

Touring the country by road is the most common where most visitors make use of car hire services. This is due to the fact that car rental is the most convenient mode of transport.  The public transport is a hustle if you are not accustomed to there form of transport. Fortunately, the car hire companies will offer you great service to suit your needs. It would also be safe to avoid public means at night especially if you are in the country for the first time. If you want to extend exploration to late night, you should get in touch with one of the numerous car rentals.  With car hire, you can comfortably tour as many places as you want even at night and still safety get back to your hotel room. Cheap car hire would be the better option for those operating on a tight budget. This means, either way, you are still going to have a fabulous experience.

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