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Oviedo Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Oviedo Airport

Oviedo Airport Car RentalOviedo, a beautiful city in Asturias, has some of the most gorgeous historical monuments in the world within its fascinating cobblestone residential avenues. There is no surprise that it is on the World Heritage Site List for its wonderful Romanesque architecture and pre-medieval Cathedrals. A drive in Oviedo using car rental services is sure to make you delve right into the heart of the rich European ethos and make your holiday a memorable one!

Constructed between the 14th and the 16th centuries, the Gothic Cathedral is one of the most cherished monuments in Oviedo. The Holy Chamber or the Camara Santa is one of its prime attractions as is the Gold Leaf Memorial. The cathedral was destroyed during the Civil War and then renovated and visiting this Cathedral is a mesmerising experience.

The Church of Santa Maria del Noranco is another heritage landmark in Oviedo. With its unique Asturias-cum-Romanesque architecture, this church attracts more visitors than any site in Oviedo. The views from the church tower are spectacular as is the hiking trail in the countryside. With our car rental solutions, you can also visit the ‘sister church’ of Santa Miguel de Lillo in the hills nearby. Overall, a trip to these churches should take around one day and are perfect for those who are interested in the history of the region.

Also referred to as the ‘Old Town’, the Casco Antiguo in Oviedo is a must-visit place simply to observe the way of life and enjoy some of the features of this city. Featuring several attractions such as the Velarde Palace, the Arts Museum, the Town Hall, the Palace of Tolero and others, the Old Town also has several cafes, restaurants with delectable local cuisine and shopping arcades. This is a great place to shop for souvenirs to take home.

Located in the picturesque Monastery of San Vincent, the Archaeological Museum of Asturias has prominent relics, artefacts and other manuscripts and important seals and coins on display. You can also see excavated parts of buildings and structures that contain the pre-Romanesque styling and architecture.  Make use of the car rental on offer to help you to find your way around more easily.

The Picos des Europa National Park is a great place to hike, trek and wander among the bucolic surroundings.  This national park lies in the vicinity of Oviedo and is a great day out for the family.  However, every day in Oviedo can be a great day out if you opt for car hire and make the most of every moment that you are there.

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