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Murcia Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Murcia Airport

Murcia Airport Car RentalMurcia is a huge city in Spain, providing much of the fruit and vegetable exports for countries Europe.  The area is known for exceptional folklore and houses some of the most beautiful churches in the world. Its rich cultural history dates back centuries and adds to its novelty but Murcia has been quite eager to embrace modernity with open arms. Tour this fascinating city with our cheap and reliable car rental and discover the aura of this lesser known travel destination.

This city was originally built by the Arabian Moors and was seized by Spain following multiple battles. The Moors managed to disown the city, but their culture has left an ever-lasting impression and the baroque style monuments are paraded everywhere in Murcia with considerable pride. One such monument is the Moorish castle atop the Mountegoudo hills that make it an excellent place to visit and catch a glimpse of the wonderful skyline. Our car hire services would be an excellent way to make the most of sightseeing in this part of the country.

The rich cultural history of Murcia is contained in the city’s Sanzillo Museum that also houses the various relics, seals, masterpieces and sculptures that are reminiscent of the ancient Murcian culture and tradition. Amongst the other landmarks in downtown Murcia are the Palacio del Almundi, the baroque Cathedral, the Iglesia de Stan Estebhan and several others. You can tour the city in our efficient car hire services and get to see many of these neighbourhoods and monuments.

Murcia has a few beaches in its vicinity, most of which are not even an hour away from the main town and can be easily reached using car rental. You might want to check out the popular La Manga beach, a hot favourite amongst the locals and hence always crowded or the quieter ones like the Mazaron and the Aguilas.

Also situated in the vicinity of Murcia, the Moorish Walls serve as excellent rock climbing sites and routes. The wall measures up to a mile in height and thus, contains many tricky routes and also some very easy routes that are used for wall and rock climbing. New routes are opened up almost every other year.

The Caravaca de la Cruz is a famous town, within the vicinity of Murcia. There are plenty of other great little towns nearby and with Murcia car rental you can visit as many as you would like.  Every member of the family will find something to do in this wonderful part of Spain.

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