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Barcelona Car Rental | Car Hire in Barcelona

Barcelona Car RentalThe Catalonian capital, Barcelona with its two-millennium old history and rich Spanish, Catalan and Roman cultural influences is a unique travel destination, Drive downtown in our majestic car hire services and you’ll get to see a wide assortment of museums, medieval European architecture, manors, the quaint parishes and a labyrinthine maze of cobbled roads leading to the Town Square. Indeed, the cosmopolitan suburbs of Barcelona with its unique landscaping make it a travellers’ delight.

Start your exploration of downtown Barcelona in our car rentals with this impressive industrial estate that houses several masterpieces by Gaudi, a well-known painter and artist. The marvellous entrance gate and the Dragon monolith greet you as you step in and the Islamic architecture of the manor continues to amaze you as you picture the lavish villa with its turrets and domes. A favourite picnic spot, the gardens with luxurious flowering plants make for a charming attraction.

Owing to its regal appearance almost like a gigantic fortress, the Quarry was called Casa Mila, and is a glowing tribute to the engineering and technological prowess of the 20th century. Constructed with elaborate precision, there is no straight wall in the Casa – all the walls, the roof included either bend in curves or stand apart like reeds to give you an eerie feel. There is no structure comparable to the effect this one has over your senses as you explore room after room. Today, the La Pedrera is an amphitheatre with concerts and shows.

This monument was built as a memorial to the famous seafarer Christopher Columbus, and is situated in the Barri Gothic. The panoramic views of the Barcelona skyline and its picturesque surroundings are a treat when viewed from the top of the tower. Moreover, there is a classic museum accommodated inside the tower with its various tributes to Columbus and other relics. The cafes and restaurants in the area provide delectable cuisine.

Built by the famous Spanish architect Gaude, this affluent mansion is situated in the La Ramble and makes for an interesting sightseeing option. The mansion incorporates different styles such as the Venetian, the Bosnian and the Moorish architecture as well as several designs depicting the architecture’s obsession with flora and fauna in the castle. The rooms and exhibits are marvellous and give us an insight into the lives of the filthy-rich industrialists in Barcelona.

For more attractions such as these including the several museums and other monuments, you can rent our car hire services and enjoy the experience of visiting this awesome city.

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