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The other Guinea: Papua New Guinea

Located in the Southern Pacific, Papua New Guinea is a country that sits on one half of the island of New Guinea. The other half of this island is occupied by the island of New Guinea. This country is perhaps one of the most culturally diverse places on earth. It boasts of 841 native languages! Papua New Guinea is regarded as one of the most rural places with regard to settlement development. This is evident from the fact the population of this island is 6.2 million, and only 18% of this number live in urban settlements.

Papua New Guinea in figures
  • 6.2 Million: this is the total population according to official 2012 estimates.
  • $ 16.8 Billion: this is the figure that accrues from these island’s economic activities for an entire year; this is the islands GDP.
  • 675: this is the calling code of this nation.
  • 462, 840: this is the total size of the land this state sits covers in Square Kilometers.
  • 9 30’S 147 07E: the coordinates of the capital of Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby.
  • 16 September, 1975: the year that this state obtained independence from Australia.
Activities to take part in while in Papua New Guinea

This part of the world is considered part of the ancient continent of Gondwana land that formed the southern tip of the Supercontinent, years ago. Papua New Guinea is blessed with flora and fauna that are second to none in the world. Apart from being one of the few places in the world where animals such as kangaroos are found, Papua New Guinea has rare bird species that will no doubt excite bird’s lovers.

In addition to unique species of vegetation and wildlife, one can also expect to find Geographical scenery that is simply breathtaking. For individuals who love collecting art, this country is a treasure trove when it comes to the unique cultural artifacts that one can easily acquire from the diverse indigenous tribes. A third of Papua New Guinea’s population practice Christianity, while a significant number of the remaining two thirds practice Muslim. This offers the country diversity in religion.

Car hire and Public Transport in Papua New Guinea

With regard to matters of transport, it is important to know that large parts of Papua New Guinea are covered with mountains. For this reason, Matters of transportation can get complicated, but you can certainly find your way through the mountains.

Thanks to an established car rental sector, you can ease your transport woes. Car hire agencies in Papua New Guinea are in plenty. The car hire rates range from premium rates to cheap car hire rental fares. To be able to rent a car in Papua New Guinea, You will need to have a valid international driving license, a temporary car insurance policy, and proof of ability to care for your car rental. This can be money to facilitate the operating costs of your automobile. If you meet these conditions, you will most definitely get a car rental form one of the many car hire agencies in Papua New Guinea.

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