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Kuching Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Kuching Airport

Kuching Airport Car RentalKuching Airport Guide

Kuching international airport which is also abbreviated by the code KIA was built by the British government in the 1940s and over the years has undergone a series of renovations and expansions and is now a hub to some of the airlines in Malaysia. Some of the airlines that operate under the airport are Air Asia, Hornbill Skyways, Malaysia Airlines, MASwings, Silk Air, Tiger Airways and Batavia Air. The airport also operates cargo airlines where goods are flown in to the country. It is located about 6.8 Miles South of the city of Kuching city centre. It is one of the largest airports in Malaysia and is also the fourth busiest airport in the country. Past research shows that the airport has handled over three million passengers at the end of every year.

Where to stay during your visit to Kuching

There are several hotels that offer the best services to their guests in Kuching and they are close to the airport itself, however the distances vary with the closest hotel being 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) away. Considering the distances the hotels will be quite convenient as you will hardly come across any traffic. Some of these hotels are;

  • Four Points
  • Hilton Kuching
  • Merdeka Palace Hotels and Suites
  • The Lime Tree Hotel
  • Batik Boutique Hotel
Where to go or visit during your stay in Kuching

Even though the area has a wide choice of hotels to choose from, Kuching is also a tourist destination with various sites or places of interest to choose from. The various sites or attractions are known for their unique qualities.  Below is a list of the attractions;

  • The Main Bazaar; where you can get a chance to buy souvenirs,
  • Semenggoh Orangutan wildlife Centre; you will have the chance to see the Orangutan roaming freely as they are not caged. 
  • The Cat Museum; which is known to be the first museum devoted to cats and
  • The Sunday open market; where you can get a wide range of handicrafts big or small, bead work, woven cloth and many other items made by the locals.
How to get to the airport, hotel, and destination

Of course, for you to get out or to the airport, hotel or even the various tourist destinations you will need transport services. There are a number car rental companies that are recognised both internationally and nationally and they are available at the Kuching airport. The care hire companies will offer you their best rates. The car rental companies include; Kuching Budget Car Rental, RG Car Rental Services, Kuching City Car Rental and Green Matrix Car Rental among many others. Although there are other means of transport like the buses and taxis it is best to rent a car. It is cheaper and less cumbersome for you as it will save you the trouble of boarding one bus to the next or one taxi to the next. You are, however, advised to make the necessary arrangements prior to your landing in Kuching to avoid the hustle of rushing at the last minute.

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