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Visit Lebanon and get a Car Rental for a Memorable Lebanese Tour

The Lebanese Republic in the Middle East borders Syria and Israel. It is home to Mount Lebanon and it stands at a crossroad between the Mediterranean basin and Arabian hinterland.

Lebanon is the most liberal state in the Arab world. It upholds and recognizes its people’s rights; among them the freedom of media. This has led to its growth in the multimedia industry including internet and TV. Currently, it has 10 national TV channels and modern printing presses. Annually, Lebanon receives over 1 million tourists. These are regional and international visitors to the country.

The natural attractions of Lebanon

The Lebanese geography has four landscapes:

  • The coastal plains
  • Mountain range
  • The Beqaa Valley and
  • Anti-Lebanon mountains

These distinct regions each have unique attributes that attract visitors all year round. The coastline is not only fertile but has amazing sandstones, sandy bays and rocky beaches.

The Beqaa valley is part of the Great Rift Valley and provides scenic views of the landscape. The Adonis gorge is a part of the Rift Valley views.

The mountain scenery as seen in Barouk is spectacular. The cedar groves of Lebanon within the mountains will remind you of a peaceful escapade.  Its western and eastern ranges have scenic views of the snow covering. Seasonal rivers and torrents drain these mountains.

Cultural attractions

The Phoenicians originated in Lebanon 2500 years ago. The Lebanese speak Armenian, neo-Aramaic but English is a popular business language. Due to its historical experience with different civilizations, it has a number of cultural and historical sites. As you tour Lebanon, you will come across the Temple of Bacchus-one of the Roman temples of 150 AD.

Entertainment centers in Lebanon feature theatres and music from early centuries. In Lebanon, you find Christian and Muslim National holiday celebrations. During your visit, ensure that you experience the wonderful music festivals. You can hire a car to the Beittedine Palace, one of the music festival venues. There are various concerts with international artists too.

A tour to the Byblos and Sidon is a reminder of the 1200 BC Phoenician cities. One of the exceptional places frequented by tourists is the cave complex of Jeita Grotto. With the convenience of a

car for hire, you can access ancient cities like Anjar and Baalbek for ancient ruins. If you think you’ve had enough of Lebanese culture, try the exclusive wine experience at Ksara vineyard.

Lebanese holiday and car rental tips

If you prefer traveling to the Coasts, Beirut offers the best resorts, beaches and modern entertainment. You can search the tour guides for the best places for couples, family vacation and group tours. The country has a variety of cultural sites; it also has spectacular locations for eco-tourism.

The best tours around Lebanon are planned in advance. You will save money and time if you research your destination well. Look for cheap car hire services, affordable accommodation and popular tour companies. As you plan the visit, get basic tourist information about Lebanon and its attractions. Understanding the Lebanese culture will motivate you to look forward to the memorable trip. If you want to have peace of mind during your visit, it would be best to get a car for hire to get around in. You can get one from the various car hire agencies available.

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