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Get a Rental Car for a Memorable Tour of Kuwait

Standing in the north eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula is Kuwait. This west Asian state borders Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Although it is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is the fifth largest oil reservoir in the world, and stands as the eleventh richest country in the world today. This is a constitutional monarchy with the oldest directly elected parliament in Persian Arab states. Its executive is a hereditary position making Kuwait one of the unique countries in politics. It also has nine islands out of which only one is habitable.


This is the main economic center of the city. It has the main institutions including the financial sector. Its city is found on a natural deep water harbor; the Kuwait Bay.

  • Ultra modern shopping malls

Tourists from other Arab states and other countries tour the city malls for a variety of shopping activities. You will find all kinds of items including gifts, household and food items in a wide variety. Life in Kuwait city is largely influenced by the Arab culture. The music, food, spices, fashion and lifestyle shows this.

  • Learn basic Arabic for easy communication

57% of its population is Arab and Arabic is the official language. You will also find the Kuwait Arabic dialect being widely spoken in the city. To be able to do business in Kuwait, you can choose to study Arabic but English is also used as a business language. When you need a car rental, Taxi or other business deal, you can use simple translations from a dictionary.

  • Kuwait

If you are a visitor in Kuwait, try the amazing seafood served in its restaurants and other eating joints. Traditional Kuwaiti cuisines like the machboos diyay, machboos aham, and imawash are quite popular. For a variety of Asian spicy food you will find restaurants with all kinds of menus enlisted. As you wine and dine in the Arab city, you will definitely enjoy listening to Sawt music.

Attractions in Kuwait

The country has the most unusual architectural attractions like the landmark Kuwait Towers. In the country, you find all kinds of buildings in traditional and modern designs. Among the infamous architectural designs of modern times are the National Assembly of Kuwait and the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City.

Car Rental in Kuwait

Are you a cultural tourist? The Kuwait National Museum has Islamic arts, a Planetarium, and a collection of manuscripts for you. Often, students of Islam hire vans from cheap car hire services to tour the Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum for valuable information.

If you are a tourist with an eye for sports, Kuwait has all kinds of sites for indoor and outdoor action. If you are travelling as a family, spend quality time at the Avenues shopping malls. There are street markets everywhere thus you can shop around in the comfort of a rental car or cab. The Kobar Island provides a great venue for outdoor activities. You will find amazing water sports, and you can also choose to enjoy the cool ocean breeze off the shores of the Persian Gulf.

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