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Exceptional Attractions in British Guyana

British Guyana is in the South American North Coast. It is the third smallest independent state on the Latin mainland and its capital city is Georgetown. The country borders Brazil, Venezuela and the Atlantic. With a population of 770000, it has nine native tribes including the Wai Wai, Patamonas, Arawak and Wapishana.

Guyana’s Interesting landscape

Its topography is divided into five natural regions namely; low coastal plains, the hilly and clay region, forest highlands, dessert Savannah and interior savannah. The country has mountain regions with volcanic escarpments and waterfalls. Among the three mountain ranges are table tops (Mount Roraima) and flat topped mountains (Pakaraima) it has rivers and large islands, rainforests and a coastal region. This is a tropical climate country with hot and humid summers with two rainy seasons. This terrain is characterized by a diverse landscape with a varied ecosystem.

 What can you expect to find at the coast when i hire a car?

90% of Guyana’s population resides at the coast regions. This is a multicultural population with natives from Africa and India as well as mixed races of Aborigines, whites, Asians and creoles. English is the official language, but you will find Guyanese Creole, Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean languages too.

The coastal landscape is a beautiful sight. You will find a variety of marine animals, mangrove, swamps and sand beaches. This has world class beaches and hotels for your comfort. Its capital city Georgetown is the largest city and it acts as the retail and administrative center. Situated on the coastal plains East of Demerara River estuary, it has swampy locations and Savannah lands on its East and South.

What of its tropical rainforest?

Did you know that 80% of Guyana is covered by evergreen and seasonal forests? Crisscrossing the dense forest cover are long rivers like the Amazon and the Orinoco. You will also find a number of estuaries. Guyana is an Indian American name meaning “land of many waters”. Spotting over 300 waterfalls, it hosts the world’s largest single drop falls-the Kaleteur. To enjoy this expansive forest cover, try touring the area in convenient means of transport such as car hire. You will simply marvel at the scenic views of mountain and lowland forests in Guyana.

To visit the deep forests with water masses, try using a boat for a unique experience of the jungle. The forests are home to a variety of animal and plant species. There are 8000 plant varieties. Among these are rare species of aquatic and freshwater species. The landscape has indigenous and exotic trees significant in research and medicine.   

Besides the amazing plant life, you also find biodiversities of the animal kingdom. Mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are in large numbers. If you enjoy sightseeing and bird watching, there are 1600 bird species, and insect varieties in a natural habitat. This place can be better accessed by use of car rental mode of transport. You could also opt for cheap car hire services if you do not want to spend so much on transportation.

With this kind of an ecosystem, Guyana stands among the World, Wildlife Funds global conservation regions. This attracts a great number of eco-tourists annually. Such travelers find convenient tour vans for hire from the Guyana car rental companies.  The service provides exceptional airport transfers to the city and tour destinations.

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