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Guatemala Sites and Cultural Attractions

Central Americas Guatemala borders Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize. It has physical features, terrain and cultural similarities with its neighbors. With a population of about 13 million people, you will find mixed races of Mestizos, mulattos, indigenous groups, black Africans and other races.

Cultural tourism destination

Cultural tourism is rife in Guatemala and you will find large and small museums, private and public cultural centers.  As you travel around its towns, you will find ancient ruins, old churches and archeological sites depicting its cultural heritage. The Island of Flores has amazing Maya history and colonial heritage for memorable tours.

Get entertained by the best salsa, Caribbean and Punta music. The country is greatly influenced by Spanish cultures and indigenous Maya traditions. The Spanish language is spoken by 93% of the population and you will find Maya dialects amidst other Caribbean languages. Catholic is the main religion, but there are other Christian groupings with the Mayan faith. The multicultural community also has a number of Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.

Car Hire in Guatemala City

This is the capital city of Guatemala situated in the mountain valley of Valle de la Ermita. It has the best facilities for an amazing tour around Guatemala. You will find quality accommodation and services in its high class hotels, resorts and restaurants. As you visit the theatres, museums and galleries, consider car rental services for a visit to the IMAX Theater of Guatemala film productions.

Business travelers will find the Guatemala City resourceful. IT is the center of business activities and top industries like finance and communication. It has parks and entertainment centers for children’s entertainment. You will also find the La Aurora International airport and immigration offices for quick international travel. Guatemala has exclusive car rental vehicles as well as other modes of transport including taxis and busses for airport transfers.

Tourists can also try the Plaza Fontabella Lifestyle Center and the Zona viva entertainment district. The city’s Zone 11 is a haven for shopping activities with some of the biggest malls in South and Central America.

Do you know about the chocolate museum in Guatemala?

Antigua Guatemala provides an excellent destination for chocolate lovers. Children and adults will fancy this unique opportunity. The Choco Museo or chocolate museum will enrich you with the nifty gritty of Cocoa in Guatemala and the history of chocolates. It is a venue for chocolate workshops, and you get to sample the amazing local chocolates. There is chocolate bars, hot chocolate drinks, and delights for you. If you want to learn about making chocolates and its varieties, this is the right destination. The friendly tour guides will answer all your questions about chocolates.    

Enjoy the amazing natural attractions of Guatemala by renting a car

Guatemala has amazing natural attractions. Its Pacific coast, volcano beaches and warm climate is relaxing. Ocean addicts will find Monterrico an irresistible site to visit. The colorful Chichicstenago market has all the fresh fruits and vegetables you need. There is so much more for you in Guatemala. To cover the great wonders of Guatemala, you certainly need reliable car hire agencies. If you are on a budget, you can get cheap car hire services when you compare rates from different car rental agencies.

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