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Tour Gibraltar in style with a car rental

Gibraltar is an overseas territory belonging to the British which is situated at the Mediterranean entrance. Gibraltar’s major landmark is the rock of Gibraltar. It is populated by at least 40,000 inhabitants and they are all British citizens.

Why should I visit Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is the ultimate destination for a curious traveler. This is where you will get to explore the tunnels and caves that are maze-like, comprising of cave roads and even tunnels that exceed the ones on the surface by up to four times.

What do I need to enter Gibraltar?

In order to enter Gibraltar, you are required to have a valid passport and a Gibraltar visa and a UK visa that is valid for at least a year. Note that the Gibraltar visa is not the same as the British visa and so it has to be applied differently.

How do I get to Gibraltar?

The most ideal way to enter Gibraltar is by plane with the main entry point being the Gibraltar airport. There are every day flights to the airport from Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, and Manchester. Gibraltar is also accessible by car and bus from neighboring countries.

Where do I stay in Gibraltar?

While in Gibraltar, it is possible to get accommodation to cater for all budgets. There are cheap hostels like the Emily youth hostel, cheap hotels like the queens hotel and the cannon hotel. If you are looking to live in luxury, then you can check out the Elliot hotel, the rock hotel, the Bristol hotel and the Caleta hotel.

What attractions are there in Gibraltar?  

It is only in Gibraltar that you get the opportunity to have a clear view of the Europa point. This is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and from here, you get to see the coast of Africa.

In Gibraltar, you also get to see the upper rock nature reserve where you see the famous Barbary macaques monkeys. You can also visit the cave of st. Michael which was used by early inhabitants.

You can also visit the siege tunnels that were built as defense systems in the times of the great siege. The Gibraltar museum is also a great place to visit. You can also take long walks on the Mediterranean steps which start from the Jew’s gate observatory for birds and it ends on the east of the rock. Here you get to enjoy great scenic views. It is also possible to take the cable car to the top if you are not a fan of walking.

While in Gibraltar you can enjoy dolphin watching by the bay, and also go for the dolphin safari.

Car Hire in Gibraltar

It is possible to move around Gibraltar by bus, taxi or by car rental. The most advisable way to see the most, if not all of Gibraltar is by car hire. When you rent a car in Gibraltar, you open up endless possibilities as it becomes easy for you to tour Gibraltar by day and party through the night.  

There are numerous car rental agencies through out Gibraltar, and you can even opt to hire a car from the airport upon arrival, or even in advance. Whether you are on a budget or not, you can get cheap car hire in Gibraltar where you have the option of selecting from a wide range of car models.

Most car hire agencies in Gibraltar offer air conditioned cars to ensure that you stay cool as Gibraltar is quite hot.

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