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Georgia travel and Car Hire guide

The state of Georgia is located at the meeting point of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The capital city of the country of Georgia is the city of Tbilisi. The population in this country is estimated to be 4.5 million. Georgia is a member of the Europe council.

Why should I go to Georgia?

Georgia is the perfect holiday destination for individuals and families. When you travel to Georgia, you will enjoy a wide array of attractions as well as great destinations to tour. The culture and Georgia heritage is a symbol of colonial rule. Georgia is amongst the most beautiful countries in Europe.

What Places Are There To Visit In Georgia? 

The capital city of Tbilisi – This is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia. It is famous for its wonderful climate and its rich sports history. Some of the activities to indulge in here include polo sports, volleyball, wrestling and boxing. This has been made possible by the numerous sports clubs around the city. The city of Tbilisi is also home to the Sameba cathedral which is the largest architectural structure and monument in the region. Other famous places in this city are the Tbilisi ballet and opera theatre, the Tbilisi metro services and the Georgia Supreme Court.

The district of Metekhi - This is Georgia’s historic district, and it is a must see while in Georgia. It is the earliest inhibited district in the city. In this district lies a historical church that shows the ancient style and structure of Georgia.

The freedom square – This was referred to as the Erivan square. Also situated in the capital, it is amongst the major attractions in Georgia’s capital. In the centre of this square, you find the freedom monument commonly referred to as the statue of st. George.

Narikela – This is the place where the first coconut tree was planted in Georgia and was hence named the states term for coconut as a remembrance.

The Anchiskhati basilica – This is the oldest church in Georgia and it dates back to the 6th century and is owned by the Orthodox Church or Georgia. The paintings in this church date back to the nineteenth century.

Some other cities in Georgia worth visiting include Tbili, Poti, Batumi, Kutaisi and Gori among others. There are a lot of animals in Georgia that vary from invertebrates, vertebrates to non marine mollusks and carnivores.

Reasons why you should hire a car in Georgia

Car rental is the most advisable means of transport when you go on holiday to Georgia. When you rent a car in Georgia, you open up a world of possibilities as you can tour Georgia attractions by day and party from dusk till the wee hours of the morning without worrying about transportation back to your hotel.

There are numerous car hire agencies in Georgia that vary from local car rental to international car hire companies. These car rental companies have a large fleet of cars to select from. You can get small cars if you’re travelling alone or even a large family car.

Car rental in Georgia makes it possible for you to tour all the amazing cities, towns and attractions in Georgia at your own time and pleasure. Rent a car today and explore Georgia to your satisfaction.

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