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French Guiana Escapades

On the North Atlantic coast of Latin America is the French Guiana region of France. Surrounded by the Guyana and Suriname countries, it has a population of less than 250,000 inhabitants. Most people in the country are of mixed races featuring African and French combinations. The rest are European minorities of Spanish, Dutch and British origins. The region also has Asian communities of Chinese, and Caribbean Indian natives.

As a tourist attraction, it features different attraction both natural and cultural. Its terrain comprises of a coastal strip and the inaccessible rainforest. It has mountains and several Islands off its coast. You will find coastal mangroves, wetlands, savannahs, and inselbergs with all kinds of amazing animals and plants. The Guiana Amazonian Park is one hot spot with numerous bird species and thousands of trees. The Islands have scenic views of the mountains and the botanic parks are exceptional.

French Guiana ’s Islands-travel back in colonial history

The Îles du Salut (Salivation Islands) features small Islands in French Guiana’s coast. These have a volcanic origin and have a significant colonial heritage. They were used by the French colonial masters as penal locations for detainees. Many people were detained in the Islands during the harsh and brutal colonial era.  These are:

  • Devil’s Island (Île du Diable),
  •  Île Saint Joseph and
  •  Île Royale

The devils’ Island is particularly popular since it served as home for political prisoners and those convicted for death. Covered in palms and rocks, the Island was a nightmare for its prisoners because of the cross currents and the shark infested waters. Today, tourists can view the Island from off shore in charter boats because the cable car system which used to access it was shut down.

Other Islands include the Îles du Connecttables which is a bird sanctuary with amazing bird species such as the Grey winged trumpeter.  

The People of Guiana

This is an ethnically diverse community with over 50% natives. You will find mixed race Mulattos, whites, blacks and natives. You might want to learn about the indigenous Maroons and Amerindians.  These have a variety of dialects and native religious practices different from the Creole communities. There is the Creole population and Asian communities from Chinese, and Saint Lucia origins too. Tourists will visit French Guiana for its colonial and cultural heritage; it is also a wonderful place for ecotourism.

Travel and Car Rental Tips

Knowing about the great Islands is not enough. Whatever your reason for touring French Guiana, you need to plan the trip for maximum exploration. Find out the modes of transport available in Guiana, accommodation and travel expenses.

If you are going on vacation as a family, look out for the best holiday deals. You can find cheap car hire agencies that have a wide collection of vehicles to choose from. You will also benefit from accommodation units designed for families. Although you can access the islands through the airports or harbors, you can also take advantage of the little traffic to travel via road. The region has public and private transportation. Most visitors find car rental convenient hence opt for the same.

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