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Introducing Egypt, the mother of civilization

Egypt, known officially as the Arab republic of Egypt is considered a transcontinental country, but it’s mainly located in North Africa. Its Sinai Peninsula forms a land bridge into Southwest Asia. The country is bordered to the east by the Red Sea, with Sudan lying on the south, Libya to its west and the Mediterranean Sea occupying the northern side of the country. It is also bordered to the northeast by Israel and the Gaza Strip. 

Public transport and Car hire options

The country makes one outstanding tourist hub that is certain to satisfy the needs of any type of tourist. If you dream of getting an experience of a lifetime, you should rent a car and tour each destination in Egypt. The country is one of the largest in Africa hence some tourist destinations are far apart. Apart from car rental, there are other forms of transport that include rail, sea, buses and taxis. If you can afford it, you can travel from one city to another on an airplane. Egypt boasts of 87 airports, most of which are military airports.

Car rental should not get you worked up. There are several cheap car hire companies which also provide one way car rental services. Simply rent a car if you want to tour the country as widely as possible

Facts About Egypt:
  • Egyptians were the inventors of the 365 days calendar
  • It is the world’s 34th largest country
  • The first Egyptian pyramid made of Stone dates back to 2650 BC.
  • The country’s pyramids are the only remaining ancient wonder of the world
  • Luxor in Egypt are the largest world known open air museum
  • Between 100 and 200AD, The New Testament was translated into Egyptian
What language do Egyptians use?

The country uses Arabic as the official language. It is a language that is not easy to learn, particularly to an English speaker. The population of the country is largely Muslim.

Can I find an appropriate accommodation facility in Egypt?

Egypt has plenty of accommodation facilities, ideal for all types of tourists. There are luxury hotels as well as budget ones to suit the needs of any tourist. Some of the great tourist accommodation facilities in the capital city of Cairo include;

  • Nile Hilton
  • Ramses Hilton
  • Cairo Khan Hotel
  • Cosmopolitan Cairo
  • InterContinental Pyramids Park Resort
What tourist destinations does the country have?

The country boasts of a wide variety of tourist destinations. There is literally plenty to see starting with the trademark pyramids, limitless beaches, monuments and many more destinations.

The pyramids of Giza will be waiting for you, and its best you rent a car and travel in style towards Giza. Since you are going to see many more destinations on your way, car rental remains your best bet since you can always stop and explore. Aswan is in the south, and it is a place rich in geometrically imposing temples that represent ancient pharaohs and archaic gods. Other must see destinations include;

  • Abydos
  • White Desert
  • Great Sand Sea
  • Dakhla Oasis
  • Mt Sinai
  • The Red Sea
  • The River Nile among many others.

To explore Egypt it is recommended the rent a car, all mayor Airports offer cheap car hire.

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Great Experience

It was fast , professional and no problem returning the carrnthis is the first time in egypt that i was happy with renting a carrnall other companies were a nightmare rnand tried to extract money for nothingrni want to add that i forgot a bag in the back seat and it was returnedrnuntouched with a smile. thank you