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Alexandria Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Alexandria Airport

Alexandria Airport Car RentalAlexandria airport car rental

Alexandria is a city so beautiful with its obsolete buildings, the old-fashioned Great Library and the mortal remains of the great Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and many other Roman and Byzantine greats who made this city their own. In the past five decades, the progress of Alexandria has seen dazzling heights.  Car rental outlets can be found at the airport, which deals with both international and domestic flights.   

The necropolis that adorns the tombs and catacombs at Anfusi Tombs in the vicinity of Alexandria is a celebrated place of interest in Alexandria. The limestone walls of the tombs are painted in plenty of different colours and hundreds of tourists come here each week. Attractions such as these are easily reached with car hire services.   

The plush well-manicured gardens at Montazah in Alexandria were results of the whims and fancies of the Arabian princes when they decided to make Egypt their abode. The El Montazah Palace, built in the 1800s, is a specimen of fine Arabesque architecture and has a beautiful landscape surrounding it. Now, it is public property managed by the State and is open for tourists in the form of guided and self-guided tours.

Towering magnificently at a height of about 88 feet, made of monolith granite and stone, the Pompey Tower was built to commemorate the horsemen who gave their lives to the Arab cause. The adjoining gardens and well maintained parks are a wonderful picnic spot. You can also climb the Tower for amazing views of the countryside and catch a glimpse of the cemetery next door.

Kom Al Shoqafa has a larger necropolis than the one found at the Anfusi Tombs site. There is an entire underground excavation site consisting of an expertly designed staircase, beautiful chambers and a graveyard. You can get down into the excavation centre on a guided tour and gain an insight on how the elite would spend their life in the prehistoric era.

The battle place for one of the most decisive battles of the Second World War, the El Alamein battlefield is a hugely visited site, especially by the Americans, to pay homage to the memorials of their fallen soldiers. There are museums with armaments, wartime memorials and graveyards to visit at the El Alamein battlefield.

Car rental is a great way to get to and from all of these tourist attractions.  It can be arranged easily before you arrive at the airport.

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Alexandria Airport car rental reviewAlexandria Airport car rental reviewAlexandria Airport car rental reviewAlexandria Airport car rental reviewAlexandria Airport car rental review



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