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Unraveling The Wonders Of Cameroon

Cameroon is a West African country that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is fairly small as compared to other African countries. It has a rich history intertwined with that of the Belgium people who visit regularly.

Why Cameroon

Apart from its enchanting wild life and the beach that borders the Atlantic Ocean, there is also the rich culture of the people of Cameroon who have a great history that depicts who they are.

While your there… it is recommended to have a Rental Car

You will find that you will be spoilt for choice. Many tourists attempt to climb Mt. Cameroon, the highest mountain in West Africa. You could be one of those who succeed. There is also the option of visiting the Ring Road which is as curious as the name suggests. Moreover, there resides a lake within this 360km ‘road’ that is a must see. Ngoketunjia to the north of the country, is a place filled with cultural wonders and you might witness one of the most talked of cultural practices. Not forgetting the numerous national parks and reserves.

How you will get there

Most of the time tourists get to Cameroon by air. Though, it is also possible to get there by buses that connect from other West African countries. Railways are also available for you if you want to travel by train with a great view. A few have also come to the country through the Bioko Island from Equatorial Guinea.

What you will need

The countries require that you have an authorized passport from your country. Also a tourist visa will be required unless you are a citizen of a bordering country. It is very advisable to get hold of the visa before you board your plane to the country. You also need to produce a consular letter from your bank showing the balance in your account and a reservation confirmation from the hotel you will be staying in prior to crossing the border of leaving the airport.


You will find that the accommodation in Cameroon is very affordable. The hotels in the city usually have around the same price range. The prices around the rural areas differ depending on the location of the area but they are generally affordable.

Transportation and Car Rental within Cameroon

Though there are planes and trains available, the most common would have to be by road. There are buses available but they do not access all the areas you would most likely want to visit. Car hire is the best if you are hoping to get the whole Cameroon experience. Car rental companies are available in the city. When you hire a car, you automatically have the freedom to go anywhere in the country at any time. Car hire also guarantees that you will avoid the hustle of public transport and avoid a lot of frustration. The car hire companies make sure you get the car that suits you best. You’ll feel right at home as you travel through this great country.

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Akwa Douala

The lady at the akwa agency in douala cameroon took good care of my questions and concerns. i was scheduled to pick up a manual car but when i got there, i realized i couldn't drive a manual one; so she did her best and found an automatic one. she stayed extra late just for that . thanks again 😊