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Yaounde Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Yaounde Airport

Yaounde Airport Car RentalYaoundé Airport Guide

Yaoundé airport also known as Yaoundé Ville Airport is located in Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon. It is a public airport as well as a military airport. It is operated by Cameroon Air Force. It serves the capital city.

Where to stay

Due to the exhaustion of travelling you will need to rest or relax. Since you will be in Cameroons capital city, you will have the advantage of having easy access to some of the country’s best hotels. Some of the hotels are near the airport. Their prices are pocket friendly. Some of these hotels are listed below;

  • Hilton Yaoundé Hotel
  • Hotel Franco

There are also other hotels that are further away from the airport but within the capital city. Below is a list of some of the hotels;

  • Hotel Azur
  • Hôtel Le Relais Saint Jacques
  • Merina Hotel
  • Minotel Franco
Sites to visit

From the airport, you can also access some of the country’s tourist destinations. There is a variety of sites and things to do and see. The sites range from historic to the present. Some of which you may also be physically involved. Below is a list of places that may be of interest.

•     Afhemi Museum; the museum is home to some of the African artefacts. It preserves the African Culture. The artefacts are almost 1000 years old. The items on display include African beads, fabrics and even utensils that are for sale.

•     Musee d’Art Cameroonais in the Benedictine Monastery; this museum offers you the chance to see the traditional masks, bowls and other types of ancient items.

•     National Museum of Yaoundé; it is one of the popular museums in the city. You will have the opportunity to view paintings, archaeological sculptures as well as traditional artefacts some of which are from the pre historic times of Africa.

•     Markets; there is an indoor market by the name of Mokolo. Tourists have the opportunity to shop for traditional items including crafts that bring out the real African beauty.

•     Palaces and the zoos; the zoos at the Mvog- Bets neighbourhood and a walk through the Etoudi neighbourhood will provide you with the opportunity to view the sights of the presidential palace grounds.

What transport service to use

Despite having an airport, different hotels and tourist destinations, there is also one other aspect; transportation services. The services are varied ranging from bus services, taxi services and in some instances taking walks. But there is also one other choice which is car hire services. There are ideal car hire companies also situated within the airport. This is ideal in that, you will have a service provider who will cater to your every need from the time you land. Car rental companies will offer you pocket friendly services. Car hire is also ideal in that it will save you the trouble of going round hopping from one bus to another. You will require contacting your car rental company to make arrangements prior to arrival.

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