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Explore Antigua by car rental

The island of Antigua is located in the West Indies and it is commonly referred to as Wadadli. It represents the main island in the state of Antigua and Barbuda. It is inhabited by approximately 81,000 people and its economy relies mostly on tourism. Antigua’s capital is St. John which is also the only city on the island. The main airport is Antigua Bird Airport.

Why should I go to Antigua?

Antigua is the best destination if you are looking for serenity and peace. While in Antigua, you can visit one different beach every day for a whole year. This is because Antigua boasts of 365 amazing white sand beaches. The most common sport on these beaches is cricket.

What is there to see in Antigua if I rent a car?

If you are visiting Antigua between the end of July and early august, you cannot afford to miss the annual carnival which is held at the capital’s recreational ground.  You can also pay a visit to the nelson’s dockyard national park which has historic significance.

Antigua also boasts of beautiful botanical gardens. You can visit the st. John cathedral in the capital, take boat tours, and visit the Parham attractions as well as fort James. There are so many Antigua attractions to see, just to mention a few.

What activities can I enjoy in Antigua? 

Owing to the fact that Antigua is an island, there are plenty of watersport activities to take part in. You can enjoy scuba diving along the many reefs off eastern coastline. You can also take part in snorkeling in the clear waters of the beaches.

Sailing is also another activity that is common in Antigua. You can easily hire cats, dinghies as well as cruisers and explore the natural harbors and coves in Antigua.     

If you love dancing, you can enjoy some amazing Antiguan music every Sunday evening from the Shirley heights lookout as you enjoy the amazing sunset from 4 p.m to around 7 p.m. here, you will also enjoy barbeques and local band music.

What transportation options are there in Antigua?

There are quite a number of ways by which you can move around the island. They include buses that are claimed to be quite unpredictable as they do not follow any schedule. You can also take a taxi to various destinations, but they are not cheap on the island.

Since the two are completely unreliable, the best way to travel around the island and through as many of the 365 beaches as possible is by car rental. This is cheap and reliable since you drive around at your own time as well as pace.

It is easy to rent a car from one of the numerous car hire companies in the island. They include local as well as international car hire agencies. When you rent a car in Antigua, you are guaranteed to tour and explore as much of Antigua as possible and still make it for the spectacular sun set in the evening.

It is also possible to get discounts from various car rental agencies on the island when you rent a car on weekly basis or longer. You can also come across a cheap car hire company on the island. Once you rent a car in Antigua, you will enjoy and truly have an experience of your life.     

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Antigua Car Hire

Rented a toyota rav4 in antigua. collision damage waiver was expensive so i got a separate policy before i went. this offered wider cover which is needed out there as lots of things still aren't insured under the hirer's cdv cover. the roads are terrible and punctures are very common. car was good. don't bother with a small vehicle as they just aren't suitable for the roads.

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Antigua car rental reviewAntigua car rental reviewAntigua car rental reviewAntigua car rental reviewAntigua car rental review



An excellent service provided.