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Porlamar -delcaribe Gen S Marino Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Porlamar -delcaribe Gen S Marino Airport

Porlamar -delcaribe Gen S Marino Airport Car RentalPorlamar -Delcaribe Gen S Marino Airport Car Rental

Porlamar is a beautiful city located in Venezuela. It is the largest city in the Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta State of the country. This beautiful city has become as one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations in recent years. It has preserved its culture in every nook and corner and is also the centre of commerce on the island. Visited by thousands of tourists every year, Porlamar is a great place to spend your valuable holiday time. You can see historic buildings, museums, shopping centres and parks along with areas of natural beauty.  The airport has everything that the traveller needs, from car rental outlets to eateries and it is not far from the city itself.   

Porlamar was founded in 1536 and was a fishing village until the arrival of air travel. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in the city. The city also offers great nightlife as the nightclubs of this lively city are simply tremendous. The major attractions in and around the city include Rancho Macano, Waterland, La Restinga National Park, Playa El Agua and many others. Apart from these, you can also do a lot of shopping as tourists are not required to pay any taxes here. You can also taste delicious cuisines in any of the numerous restaurants of Porlamar. Car hire services are a must if you want to pack in as much as possible during your stay.

There are a number of beaches around the city where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Rancho Macano is a perfect place for horseback riding and Waterland is a water park located near this beautiful city. You can enjoy a number of slides and rides here. Tourists can also see some beautiful creatures inhibiting the park’s natural surroundings. Margarita Island, on which this lovely city is located, is often called the Pearl of the Caribbean due to its interesting landscapes and has plenty of amenities for visitors of all ages. 

Tourists can also explore the mangroves of La Restinga National Park, where they can swim with dolphins, or can have a pampering spa treatment. The city is also full of museums that feature a large collection of antique items and tell of the history and culture of the island in an impressive way. Apart from all these, tourists can also enjoy a variety of drinks including Cuba Libre Load, Coco Loco, Margarita Mojito, Kapiroska Squeeze and El Ritual in the restaurants and bars of this beautiful city.

The city has so much to offer that it would be a shame to miss out and car rental is certainly the most convenient transport option available.

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