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Cheap Car Rental Barcelona - Gen J A Anzoategui Airport

Barcelona - Gen J A Anzoategui Airport Car RentalBarcelona Gen JA Anzoátegui Airport Link to the Tourist City

Every year, Barcelona Gen JA Anzoátegui Airport, receives thousands of visitors touring the city and its environs. Situated in the Venezuelan city of Anzoátegui, this airport serves states within and the National Capital of Caracas.

The Barcelona Anzoátegui Airport hosts regional airlines like Avior Airlines, Aserca Airlines, Conviasa and Serami. It flies across destination of Caracas, Aruba, Miami, Polarmar, Maturin and Puerto Ordaz. The airport is within the entrance of the amazing Mochima National Park.

What are the flight schedules?

Flight schedules are updated on a 24hour basis. The airport has timetable schedules of your favorite airlines with their departure on your mobile web. There are last minute flights for your emergencies. These are often scheduled for departure within 24hours.

What do you find at the lounge area?

The Premier Club lounge is open from 5.30 to 8 pm daily, and it offers shower facilities, clean washrooms and air-conditioning. It also has a flight information monitor, internet as well as conference facilities.

Hotels near Barcelona Gen JA Anzoátegui Airport

If you are wondering where to stay while in Anzoátegui, you will be spoilt for choice since the place has a variety of hotels for your accommodation. Some of the nearest hotels include:

  • Gran Hotel Puerto La Cruz.
  • Hotel Venetur Maremares.
  • Hotel Casa Perla El Yarque.
  • Marina Bay Hotel & Casino.

Other options include; The Chimana holiday Resort and the Bergatin resort that offers an amazing spa atmosphere. These resorts are located in serene environments, surrounded by scenic landscapes of forests and coastal sand beaches. You can sample Venezuela’s delicacies at the restaurant joints, as you get entertained by local music in the day and night.

At the El Morro tourism complex, you get colonial houses and canals with apartments, hotels and condos for your stay.

What kind of attractions are at Anzoátegui?

The airport is surrounded by great beaches including the Isla de Plata, Conoma, Arapito, Cangreo, Playa Mansa and Lecherias.

Barcelona, Anzoátegui is a great cultural tour area. It has crucial historical sites in its main plazas of Bolivar, Miranda and Boyacá.  You can visit ancient towns and 17th century Cathedral of San Cristobel of Barcelona.

You will also find restored colonial houses like Casa de la Cultura in the city. The ruins of Casa Fuerte de Barcelona, remind Venezuelans of their independence. Anzoátegui has some of the oldest houses like the 1671 Traditional Museum. It is also home to neoclassical building designs of the 19th century like the Theatre Cajigal.

Car rental transportation at the airport

Once you arrive at the Anzoátegui airport, you will find bus connection and car hire operators to take you around the state. If you wish to travel to the amazing islands, there is a marine connection to the Las Chimanas, Cachimo, and Borracha. You can hire a car and use the ferry to Margarita Island at affordable costs. The long term car rental rates consider the needs of tourists for convenient travel at cheaper prices. With a private car hire, you will enjoy unlimited travel during the night and day time.

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