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Explore the Great Trinidad with a Car hire

If you have decided to go on a vacation to Trinidad, then you should first inform the Embassy of Trinidad. This way, you will be given all the safety and security assertion. Trinidad has so much to offer ranging from music to culture of the folks of Trinidad.

Why should I go to Trinidad?
  • Carnival-
    this country’s carnival is the biggest and best party in the Caribbean.
  • Sharing of culture-
    a setting of several cultures brings out lively festivals throughout the year.
  • Bird-watching-
    Trinidad is a great bird-watching destination  and it also has the most bird species as compared to other Caribbean Islands
  • Music-
    Steel pan(which was invented in this country) and you can be a part of bands that are held now and then
What is the climate like in Trinidad?

Trinidad has a warm climate all through the year with its temperatures above 30°C/86°C.The climate of Trinidad is described as tropical and one can take part in activities such as swimming along with other water sports since the climate is favorable for such activities.

There are two main seasons in this Island. The first half of the year is known as the dry season whereas the second half is known as rainy season. Rain in this Island is quite irregular experiences storms that do not normally last for long.

What are the means of transport in Trinidad?

There are various means of transport that you could use to get around this Island. A lot of travelers choose to use buses since they are inexpensive in Trinidad. Taxis are transport option, but they could be really expensive.

Buses normally have fixed prices and so you are not likely to pay high fares as opposed to the taxis. You can as well use the ferries to cross over to other destinations. Ferries work between the port of Scarborough and Spain. The ferries operate on a daily basis apart from Sundays so you can schedule your journey well if you are planning on using ferries.

Car rental in Trinidad

The other means of transportation which is also the best and most convenient is the use of car rental. With car rental, you can visit the different places in Trinidad at your own pace. There are a number of car rental agencies in Trinidad and you can hire a car of your choice from one of them. There are also numerous car rental companies at the airport where you can get in touch with upon your arrival.

You can also get cheap car hire services when you make your bookings in advance online.

What is there to see in Trinidad?

Asa Wright Nature Centre

this is a very small resort situated deep in the interior of the rain forest of Trinidad. The resort is commonly known for its variety amazing plant type.

Maracas Bay

this is a very popular beach area which is so spectacular that tourists always flock to this place to have the wonderful experience.

Mount St.Benefict monastery

this is a very peaceful society of monks and it is also one of the oldest in the Caribbean.

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