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Earn cash from sales when you promote on your site.

Choose from a wide selection of banner and text ads that fit your site. No cost or minimum purchases – you have nothing to lose. Earn competitive commission made through your affiliate link. Join our Affiliate Program and partner with the world leader in adventure travel. has teamed up with Commission Junction to provide you with the best affiliate experience available. With in-depth reporting and management tools, you will be earning top commissions in no time for each online booking you secure. Once enrolled into the Affiliate Program, Commission Junction will manage all payments and sales tracking.
How does it work?
  1. When a customer visits your website and clicks on an ad link, they are taken to to complete their purchase.
  2. Once the customer completes the sale online, the tracking software records the transaction and attributes the sale to you.
  3. Commission Junction tracks the transaction, provides real-time reporting, and deposits monthly commissions in your bank account.

Program benefits
  • We pay the highest commission in the industry; 7% commission for all confirmed rentals
  • We provide a wide variety of display ads and images
Sign-up now Commission Junction Sign-Up Commission Junction Sign-Up Tracking and Reporting
Q. How are my referrals tracked and credited to my account?
A. All the links and banners to our site contain your unique source ID. As a Publisher, each time a user comes through your link/banner to our site and books a confirmed rental, your account is credited.
Q. How can I check to see how much commission I have made through the Constant Contact Affiliate Program?
A. Once you are approved into the program, you can access your Account Manager at the Commission Junction site, After logging in, you will be able to run a transaction report to see a breakdown of your activity and the associated commission.

Links and Banners
Q. How do I get the links and banners for to put on my site?
A. After you have completed the sign-up process and have been enrolled into the program, you’ll be able to click on the login button and get the links to start promoting on your site.
Q. If I decide not to get the links and banners when I sign up, where do I go to get them?
A. Simply visit the website of Commission Junction at Enter your email address and password in the upper right hand corner to log in and access your affiliate Account Manager. Within your Account Manager, you will see GET LINKS.
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