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Crown Point Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Crown Point Airport

Crown Point Airport Car RentalPart of the beautiful Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago are islands located off the Venezuelan Coast on the Caribbean Sea. Full of nature’s bounty and featuring one of the finest sea shores in the world, Trinidad and Tobago have sandy beaches, untouched coastal lagoons and glorious sun throughout the year. This fits in well with the summer holiday template – all sun and sand to get a tan that’ll last all winter! With our car rental services, you can explore these twin islands in all their glory and enjoy a marvellous vacation here.

Tourists come to Trinidad and Tobago mainly to enjoy the sun and the sand on their beaches – the most popular ones with a list of water sports are Irvine, Pigeon Point, Bucco, Canoe Bay and many more. Tobago has extremely serene and beautiful beaches, as opposed to the beaches of Trinidad that are pretty but are sometimes not as clean as you would expect.

Not only is the Mathura Beach extremely beautiful, you can also go turtle spotting on the beach. Go on a ferry to the inner deeps of the ocean, indulge in some deep sea diving, scuba diving or snorkelling and experience swimming with the leatherback turtles – all of which are in magnanimous sizes and colourful shades.  The natural attractions of these islands draw in many visitors and Trinidad and Tobago car rental is ideal for getting to see as much as possible while at the same time travelling in style.  

The la Brea Pitch Lake situated in downtown Trinidad is not only a picturesque charming locale in the Caribbean, but is also the largest asphalt reservoir in the world. You can reach the lake in an hour’s drive from the suburbs and delve into the picturesque backdrop of the area with our affordable car rental accompanying you around the countryside.

Located in the vicinity of downtown Trinidad is the famous Caroni Bird Sanctuary that houses the famous Scarlet Ibis bird that can be seen flocking around in their hundreds. Besides this endemic species, there are many more birds available to see at the sanctuary. However, you are advised to cover yourself completely with thick clothing to protect yourself from the mosquitoes dwelling in this area.

The nightlife at Trinidad and Tobago remains one of the best highlights of this place and has earned itself the nickname of the ‘Beach-Partying Town’. With our car hire services, you can discover the hidden delights of Trinidad and Tobago and join in all the fun while you are there.

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Exceptional service! a top quality vehicle and exceptionally warm, friendly and accommodating staff. alamo is now my first choice for car rentals!

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The service was very good, we had a very good rate for one week as we had an older car but it drove very well , i did mention to them though that the headlights were dim and that will be taken care of . very happy with the reliable meet and greet and friendly service